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Can I Ship Ammo to California?

Starting January 1, 2018 there are some new laws guiding sales of ammunition in California. Brought about as part of what is known as Proposition 63 in the state, the new laws make it illegal for Californians to buy ammo directly from an online retailer. Now, to abide by the law you must ship your ammo through what's known as a "Licensed Ammo Vendor" in the state. This is pretty similar to the process of buying a firearm online where it would be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

Here at BulkAmmo.com, we've built in a lot of the process right into our checkout flow for California customers. That means you can pick from a list of known ammo vendors who are upfront with any transfer or storage fees they might charge.

So, How Can I Ship to California?

We've done all we can to make it as painless as possible. The quick video below outlines the process that you'll follow to ensure you can avoid jail time while saving on rounds.

Will Ammo Cost More Now?

We aren't increasing our prices based on your state at all. However, because of the middleman that has been introduced by state law, you should expect to pay somewhere around 5% more for a case of ammo. The new laws in California are very similar to what the state of New York implemented in 2014 after the passage of their SAFE Act. We've found FFL's conducting ammo transfers in New York have been great partners and generally charge shooters between $10 and $20 to do the ammunition transfer.

Will It Take Longer to Get Ammo?

We'll continue to ship orders out just as fast as we have traditionally - which is usually the same day if the order is placed before 12 p.m. (Pacific Time). Depending upon the Licensed Ammo Vendor you choose, they may not conduct business on certain days so if you're up against a deadline, you may want to ensure you can pick up your ammo the day they are estimated to be delivered by UPS or FedEx.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

There are a lot of pieces to the new ammo laws in California - the infographic below highlights a few more of the points we found most interesting.

How to buy ammo online and ship to California

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