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500 Rounds of 5.56x45 Ammo by Federal - 55gr FMJBT

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Ammo Quantity - 100 rounds per Value Pack; 5 packs per case

Ammo Manufacturer - Federal

Bullets - 55 grain full metal jacket boat tailed (FMJ-BT)

Ammo Casings - Boxer-primed brass

500  Rounds of 5.56x45 Ammo by Federal - 55gr FMJBT

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Customer Reviews

1000 all down range
Review by m&p15
Ammo Performance
I bought 1000 of lake city 5.56 and .223. Shot every single one down range with no misfires! M&P-15 sport. (Posted on 3/9/12)
Who wouldnt want ammo that doesnt fail?
Review by Moss5hundo
Ammo Performance
This is all my AP4 shoots, Who wouldnt want ammo that doesnt fail? I should have bought more the first time. (Posted on 12/20/11)
Great service
Review by Josh
Ammo Performance
Great American made ammo. Spec: http://www.federalpremium.com/resources/xm193.aspx
Bulk Ammo shipped fast. (Posted on 11/22/11)

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Q: Is this ammo reloaded?

Posted On: 10/8/11 By: Lewis Messer

A: No, this Federal 5.56x45 ammunition is brand new, not reloaded.
Q: why can't you fire 5.56 in a rifle rated for .223, but you can fire .223 ammo in a 5.56 rated rifle, if my understanding is correct, 5.56 is the same diameter size as .223? and what would happen if you put the 5.56 into a .223 rated rifle and fired it? Thanks for clearing this up or am I not totally understanding it. Jim from Ohio

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Anonymous


There are two things to consider here - the pressure that each caliber is loaded to, and the dimensions of each chamber as specified by SAAMI, which regulates these sort of things. 5.56 ammunition is loaded to higher pressures, and 5.56 chambers are cut to allow this pressure to build up safely. .223 ammunition is loaded to lower pressures, and the chamber dimensions are tighter in comparison to 5.56.

As a result, firing 5.56 ammunition through a .223 chamber can result in pressures that are even higher than what 5.56 would cause in a 5.56 chamber, and much higher than .223 would cause in a .223 chamber. These pressures are unsafe and the .223 weapon is not designed to operate under the forces that result. An immediate catastrophic failure is not likely, but malfunctions and rapid component wear are certain to occur. Neither we nor SAAMI recommend firing 5.56 through a .223 chamber.

Q: With all of the ballistic tests that have been done down through the existence of modern ammunition, have there been any test to compare which of either 5.56 or .223 is the better overall ammunition?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Tom Vineyard

A: The difference between 5.56 and 223 Remington is fairly clear. 5.56 mm NATO ammunition is loaded to higher pressures and therefore achieves higher velocities when compared to 223 Remington. A 5.56 mm NATO chamber can fire both types of ammunition, whereas a 223 Remington chamber should only be used to fire 223 Remington ammunition.
Q: I understand that 5.56 is metric and .223 is American and both are somewhat interchangeable. Has there been any effort to standardize both rounds into one caliber?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Tom Vineyard

A: Both originated in America. External dimensions are identical. The major difference is that 5.56 is loaded to higher pressures than .223. Considering the number of weapons that have been built to cycle 5.56 and/or have not been built to handle pressures higher than that of .223 over the last six decades, and the various needs/purposes of people that buy both types of ammo, combining the two into one would be virtually impossible.