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357 Sig Ammunition

Sig and Federal developed 357 Sig in 1994 with the goal of recreating .357 Magnum ballistics in a format more suitable for autoloading handguns, the .357 SIG is an excellent defensive cartridge. It has a distinct bottlenecked shape originally created by necking down and shortening a 10mm Auto casing. Many law enforcement agencies use .357 SIG ammo. These include the United States Secret Service, the Federal Air Marshal Service, the Texas Rangers, and many other state police and highway patrol forces.[Read More]

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357 Sig Ammo Types & Ballistics

A typical round of .357 SIG ammo fires a 115 to 147 grain bullet at 1,250 to 1,550 feet per second. The most common bullet weight is 124 or 125 grains, which gives balanced performance and sufficient penetration to defeat typical barriers encountered in a self-defense emergency. This muzzle velocity results in very flat trajectories, good accuracy, and strong expansion potential. Full-size handguns such as the Springfield XD, Glock 31/32/33, and SIG P226 and P229 are best able to handle the relatively heavy recoil of this caliber.

FMJ (full metal jacket) .357 SIG ammunition for range use is available from most major manufacturers. This ammo is inexpensive and well suited to high volume target shooting; one added benefit of the flat-nosed bullets used in this caliber is the highly visible holes they leave in paper targets. JHP (jacketed hollow point) loads for home defense and concealed carry can be had from several companies including Hornady and Winchester; these provide the expansion needed to stop a threat quickly while minimizing the risk of overpentration. Speer's Gold Dot load is favored by many law enforcement organizations and has a very strong track record of performing well in actual defensive situations.