5250 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by CCI - 40gr LRN

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 1 case containing 10-525 round Value Packs
Manufacturer - CCI
Bullets - 40 grain lead round nose
Casings - Rimfire-primed brass


A very nice price on a proven-performing .22 LR ammo by CCI. CCI is a well-known brand with a lot of credibility with the market and range shooters everywhere. This is the middle-ground offering in the .22 long game and it punches well above its weight class. Coming behind only to the potent, premium Stinger ammunition and the top tier Velocitor, both by CCI, this is a credible round and a consummate performer. It offers a lead round nosed projectile in a 40 grain weight with a classic brass casing. This is a great rimfire round to have sitting on the shelf for when you need performance but don’t want to shoot the premium rounds. The accuracy, velocity and reliability are a harmonious mix of high quality performance.

The relatively fast 1235 feet per second velocity allows you to use this ammunition for small game of all types and to benefit from tight groups brought on by consistent velocity and high tolerance at the factory. The reliability of the ignition, feeding and extraction of this load are almost unheard of for this price point and it will genuinely work and function in anything that is chambered for the .22 LR.

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Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Tom

A: Yes, a 1 in 16 inch twist rate is ideal for stabilizing a lead 40 grain .22 caliber projectile.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: clayton

A: Prices change from time to time as sales come and go, but this CCI Blazer is always one of the more affordable choices.

Posted On: 10/19/2011 By: Luiz

A: No, CCI .22LR is generally well regarded as a reliable rimfire ammo.

Posted On: 10/13/2011 By: Derek

A: The manufacturer specified muzzle velocity for this ammo is 1235fps. This is from a rifle and different velocities should be expected for different barrel lengths. This is high quality ammo and you should not expect a significant amount of misfires in a serviceable 22LR firearm.

Posted On: 9/29/2011 By: trudy

A: The standard 22LR load is a 40gr LRN (lead round nose) bullet at approximately 1050-1080fps. It's great for target shooting, but not as good for hunting or shooting longer distances. The high velocity ammo is generally a little lighter (36gr) but also faster, reaching 1250fps or more. This means that it's flatter shooting and better for hunting small game. Of course, shot placement is very important, and a skilled hunter or target shooter can make either load work to his or her needs.

Posted On: 9/27/2011 By: Matthew

A: No, the mechanism by which rimfire primer compounds are struck requires a case with the unique properties of brass.

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