500 Rounds of 30-06 Springfield Ammo (M1 Garand) by Prvi Partizan - 150gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 20 rounds per box; 25 boxes per ammo can
Ammo Manufacturer - Prvi Partizan
Projectiles - 150 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) designed for M1 Garand specifications
Ammo Casings - Boxer-primed brass


Do you have an M1 Garand in your collection? Pick up 500 rounds of excellent .30-06 Ball ammo from Prvi Partizan. Prvi Partizan has packaged the iconic ammo in the traditional .30 Cal military ammo can; a perk we are really excited about!

John C. Garand designed his .30 cal rifle in 1928. After many failed tests against other rifle prototypes, it did not emerge as a major candidate for military use until 1932 when there was a surplus of .30 M1 ball ammunitio. The Department of War halted production of .276 Pederson rifles and ammo, and Garand's latest redesign of his .30-06 Springfield rifle was sent to the Springfield Armory for production. They increased throughput eventually to cranking out 600 of these rifles per day. Once the US entered WWII, every branch of the military adopted the M1 as their primary infantry service rifle. Over 5 million rifles were produced for the war effort.
.30-06 stands for .30 caliber - 1906, as that is when the cartridge was created to replace the .30-40 Krag for the United States military. After the rapid adoption of the M1 rifle, the caliber has since been used all over the world. This was the primary rifle and machine gun cartridge for the US Military until being replaced by the 7.62x51mm NATO some 50 years later.

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Our customer service team has published this Q&A information as a free service to the shooting community. Please note that BulkAmmo.com expressly disclaims any and all liability with regard to how the shooting community might use this Q&A information. See Terms of Use for more details.

Posted On: 2/22/2022 By: Saul Obregon

A: Thanks for reaching out Saul! This 30-06 ammo is loaded specifically for the M1 Garand, which is very particular about its ammo's specs. Your M1903, on the other hand, is not picky at all! You can fire this ammo and any other 30-06 you find at the store in your M1903.

Posted On: 1/12/2022 By: Nick Mutispaugh

A: Congrats Nick! Many companies currently produce 30-06 that is loaded to the M1 Garand's specifications. This case of 30-06, for example, was recently manufactured by Prvi Partizan in the nation of Serbia. Prvi Partizan is well respected for the quality of their ammunition, and their M2 Ball ammo is a popular seller on our site. I wish we were able to keep it in stock at all times.

Some commercially loaded 30-06 ammo is also safe for the M1 Garand, even if it's not specified as such. I personally wouldn't recommend any, but only because I refuse to take any chances with our customers' firearms – least of all their M1 Garands.

Posted On: 6/5/2021 By: Richard Neighbours

A: Thank you for reaching out Richard. Good news for Californians! I'm afraid our shipping policies and whether or when we'll be able to resume serving California is outside of my knowledge. (I am just an ammo nerd who writes descriptions and answers questions about ammo.) I believe one of our customer service reps would be better qualified to answer that question. I hope you'll reach out to them at customerservice@bulkammo.com or (800) 720-6035.

Posted On: 3/30/2021 By: William Taylor

A: Hello again William! We don't ship our ammo with a hazardous munitions sticker, but a case of ammo will very obviously be a case of ammo if you don't opt for "overboxing" during checkout. We can ship freely to anyone in the state of Washington, but please take care that we will need to make certain the recipient is at least 21 years of age. That means if you order the ammo, we'll need to confirm whomever is on the shipping address is at least 21 years old. I wish there was a less roundabout way of getting ammo to Alaskans, but I do hope we get to be of help!

And hey, I'm happy to tell you as much as I can about our shipping services, but I'm really more of an ammo nerd who's better qualified to answer questions about our products. I hope you'll reach out to our customer service team at 800.317.9506 or customerservice@luckygunner.com for any other shipping questions you might have.

Posted On: 3/25/2021 By: William Taylor

A: Thanks for reaching out William! I believe this ammo would work in your Browning just fine, but regrettably we're unable to ship outside of the continental United States.

Posted On: 3/22/2021 By: Micheal Hunnicutt

A: Thanks for reaching out Michael! This ammo will work just fine in your Ruger as well.

Posted On: 3/21/2021 By: joe rogers

A: Thanks for reaching out Joe! This ammo has full metal jacket projectiles. They are not soft points, nor are they designed to expand inside soft tissue like you would want for deer hunting. I regret that this is the only 30-06 we have in stock at the moment, so while it ought to work perfectly in your Model 1917 I do advise against hunting deer with it.

Posted On: 3/21/2021 By: Matt

A: Hi Matt! You could expect the charge to take effect immediately.

Posted On: 1/10/2021 By: Bruce E Lantz

A: I'm sorry sir, but we haven't got a system in place to alert our customers when ammo is back in stock. We do update our inventory frequently, though, so I hope you'll check in with us again shortly.

Posted On: 7/10/2020 By: Joseph J Dugan

A: Without knowing anything more about your rifle, I'm fairly certain this cartridge should function correctly in it. It's manufactured according to the same specs the M1 Garand called for upon its introduction in 1936.

Posted On: 3/5/2020 By: Bill

A: Prvi Partizan is headquartered in Užice, Serbia, where they also produce all of their ammunition.

Posted On: 10/31/2019 By: David Ton

A: Hi David. Sadly, we no longer ship to California at all, due to the finalization of Prop 63 that went through in July of this year.

Posted On: 6/9/2017 By: Patrick J Spina

A: Hello Patrick, This ammunition does come packaged in an ammo can as pictured. It is packaged in 20 round boxes with 25 boxes per can.

Posted On: 9/22/2014 By: Brad

A: Hello Brad These 150gr. FMJ rounds by Prvi Partizan in .30-06 do not attract a magnet. They have a lead core, copper jacket, and a brass case.

Posted On: 1/15/2014 By: Frank

A: Hi Frank, The 150gr. FMJ rounds in .30-06 by Prvi are non-corrosive. They are also brass cased and boxer primed so they are reloadable. Prvi makes pretty good brass too.

Posted On: 1/6/2014 By: Keith

A: Hello Keith, Yes, these 150gr. FMJ rounds in .30-06 by Prvi will work in your Remington 700. They are specifically loaded to a lower chamber pressure for the M1 Garand rifle, so the velocity will be lower, but they will function fine in your rifle.

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