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20 Rounds of 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Fiocchi - 150gr SPBT

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer - Fiocchi
Bullets - 150 grain Soft Point Boat Tail (SPBT)
Ammo Casings - Boxer primed brass


Fiocchi was founded in 1825 by Giulio Fiocchi who took on the job of establishing an ammunition company right as major changes were taking place in the world of firearms. While Fiocchi Ammunition was young breech loaders were replacing muzzle loaders, and not long after that smokeless powder began replacing black powder. But those changes did nothing to phase Fiocchi and, in fact, the company simply changed production according to advances in firearms and ammunition. Perhaps one reason Fiocchi was able to go with the firearms flow was because they designed and built their own production equipment, something they continue doing to this day. Whatever the reason was, it worked, and today Fiocchi is among the leaders in the industry.

This particular Fiocchi ammunition is meant for your .30-06. At 150 grain these are fairly lightweight rounds, and that means they’re capable of reaching significant speeds although they’re still heavy enough to wreak havoc on their intended targets. These are SPBT, Soft Point Boat Tail, rounds and deliver controlled expansion on impact. SPs penetrate more fully than HPs to create deeper, more devastating wound channels, and because these are also BTs they’re more capable of resisting cross-winds, making them a good choice for longer-range shots. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 2910 feet per second. This ammunition is great for hunting game such as whitetail deer.

You get 20 rounds in this box of ammunition. It’s the perfect size for stashing in your range bag or carrying in your vest pocket when you’re heading into the woods for a hunt and also a great size for stacking up in the corner of your safe for a rainy day. Fiocchi’s headquarters are located in Lecco, Italy, but they have a plant in Ozark, Missouri, for distribution in the United States. When demand overwhelms the production capabilities of the Ozark plant extra ammunition is shipped in from Italy. Your .30-06 is a fantastically powerful rifle and deserves an equally powerful hunting round. Order these SPBT rounds from Fiocchi and give your gun the load it needs to help you fill your deer tag.

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