200 Rounds of 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Hornady - 150gr SP

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 20 rounds per box; 10 boxes per case
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullet - 150 grain soft point (SP) InterLock
Casing - Boxer-primed brass


For what you get in this high end hunting cartridge, the value proposition is high. It’s a relative bargain for .30-06 ammunition compared to its peers. The consistency in performance that you get for the price point makes this an ideal large game load for the .30-06 Springfield.

Hornady’s American Whitetale 150 grain load is a special kind of reliable and remarkably it has impressive long range qualities that you just cannot find in a similarly priced round very often. You’re getting a very nice 2910 fps velocity out of the muzzle that still moves swiftly at 300 yards at over 2120 fps, meaning you aren’t going to miss that lung shot when you are at extreme distances. The 2820 ft. lbs. muzzle energy still delivers 1520 ft. lbs. at 300 yards too. Those are impressive numbers for a round that is hunting animals that make most sense under 150 yards in most North American hunting scenarios. The point being: with this value priced premium load, you’re getting the kind of ballistics you need to guarantee your successful hunt year in and year out.

The weight retention courtesy of the interlocking jacket and payload means that your animal is dead in it’s tracks or staying relatively close to where they stand at even extreme distances.

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Posted On: 3/15/2014 By: Enzo

A: Hello Enzo, Congrats on the new Garand! You will need ammo specifically for the M-1. Prvi makes some good rounds like their 150gr. FMJ round that you can see on our website here - http://www.bulkammo.com/bulk-30-06-springfield-ammo-3006150garandfmjpp347prvipartizanm1-500. The M-1 requires ammo with a lower chamber pressure than the standard .30-06 rounds, and those Prvi rounds are great.

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