500 Rounds of .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester - 165gr BEB

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 500 rounds (50 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case)
Manufacturer - Winchester (Winclean Brand)
Bullets - 165 grain brass enclosed base (BEB)
Casings - Boxer-primed brass


Practice ammo gone green. This is a newer 40 SW offering by Winchester that delivers a more environmentally friendly approach to ammunition at the range. This means the environment in which you shoot. As in: your personal shooting environment is improved by using this 40 S&W ammunition. The brass enclosed base projectile offers less hot lead contact by the burning powders; as well as a cleaner burning powder that burns more fully.

The improved shooting experience is a result of less smokiness, less lead particulate matter to breathe and a lead-free primer which again, lessens the particulate potential for the area in which you are shooting.

Aside from the specific environmental aspects of the round, it is a very solid practice round, suitable for all types of shooting in all types of settings. The benefit indoors is more pronounced as the less smoky powder and the clean overall shooting experience helps with less effective particulate dispersion in the air.

The 165 grain bullet offers a good recoil profile that is not too sharp, but also has a good amount of power to ensure reliable cycling in most firearms. The brand name is well known and the line is gaining momentum as ranges everywhere are implementing stricter shooting requirements whether through regulatory changes or through range standards.

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Posted On: 11/19/2020 By: Antonio Richardson

A: Hi Antonio! The ideal self-defense ammo has expanding bullets, most commonly a jacketed hollow points (JHP). This ammo has brass enclosed base bullets (BEB), which like full metal jackets (FMJ) will not expand within soft tissue. This is not to suggest that you couldn't effectively use this ammo for self-defense. The U.S. Army uses FMJ bullets in combat in compliance with certain international warfare laws, and they certainly get the job done. Fact is, this round's bullet doesn't need to expand in order to punch a 0.4" diameter hole deep into soft tissue. If you hit a threat in a vital organ with this ammo, it will quickly cease to threaten you. To sum it all up, use ammo like this for self-defense if there's no better alternative. And on that note, we do have a much better alternative in stock: bulkammo.com/bulk-40-s-w-ammo-40sw165grjhpp40hs3gfederal-50 This is premium 40 S&W ammo designed for law enforcement and also available to the public. Its bullet will reliably expand inside of soft tiusse in order to quickly and effectively neutralize a threat.

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