20 Rounds of .50 AE Ammo by Magnum Research - 300 gr JHP

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer - MRI
Bullets - 300 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP)
Ammo Casings - boxer primed brass


This is the O.G. super Big Bore handgun cartridge, long before the slew of offerings which are now available by Ruger and S&W most prominently. In this sense it was the first mainstream super Big Bore, popularized wildly by Hollywood who fell in love with the enormous, unwieldy Desert Eagle by Magnum Research. Don’t let the utter lack of function and three pound heft stop you guys!

While Arnold’s Desert Eagle in Last Action Hero was not explicitly said to have been chambered in this monstrous caliber, we can assume it was intended to be because, hey, it’s Arnold. Of course it was the biggest! Despite the obvious drawbacks and limitations, we’ve all secretly wanted one. Don’t worry, nobody has to know.

The .50 AE is a lot like driving an F-350 with a 12” lift: nobody really needs it, but they do it anyway because they want to. In fact, that’s the vehicle at the range most likely to be carrying a Desert Eagle. It is not economical, period. It doesn’t offer you that much more than a Desert Eagle in .44 Magnum which costs considerably less to feed. But it is a .50 AE, and that is why you bought it.

Since this is the handgun you have chosen for whatever reason, you’ve got to feed it or else it’s just a door stop. Go ahead and feed that hungry monster some fat hollow points. Magnum Research’s own in-house brand offers 300 grains of bone shattering, trunk splitting raw power. Grab yourself a couple of boxes so you can show your friends how pathetic and weak anything they carry is compared to your giant hog leg.

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