Factory Glock 17rd G17 Magazine - 9mm - Black - Gen 4

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Ammo Overview

Capacity - 17 Rounds
Caliber - 9mm
Firearm Platform - G17
Manufacturer - Glock


When you want your firearm accessories to work just as they’re meant to, it’s hard to justify buying anything other than those made by the manufacturer. This 17 round magazine is exactly that, a high quality piece of equipment by Glock that’s made to work seamlessly in your Gen 4 G17 pistol.

This drop-free magazine features a sturdy steel frame enveloped by Glock’s own patented heavy duty polymer, so it is ready to withstand any mistreatment that a tough and uncertain world might subject it to. Its double cut magazine body will work regardless of which side you prefer keeping your mag release on, and its supple metal spring will keep its elasticity even after you’ve loaded thousands of cartridges into it. The magazine’s base plate is made of flat polymer which will blend seamlessly into your pistol’s design.

Even if you’ve already got a magazine for your Glock, having another is always beneficial. Knowing you can perform a fast reload if the stuff ever hits the fan is comforting, and training at the range is always more fluid if you’ve got a buddy to take turns loading mags with.

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Our customer service team has published this Q&A information as a free service to the shooting community. Please note that BulkAmmo.com expressly disclaims any and all liability with regard to how the shooting community might use this Q&A information. See Terms of Use for more details.

Posted On: 4/6/2023 By: Rhea

A: Yes ma'am! The DR920 is designed to work with Glock 17 magazines.

Posted On: 4/29/2022 By: Terry

A: No sir, this magazine is designed for Glock handguns. I regret that we haven't got your Taurus's mag in stock.

Posted On: 1/3/2022 By: mike

A: Yes sir, Glock mags are backward and forward compatible.

Posted On: 12/7/2021 By: Dan

A: No sir, S&W handguns aren't compatible with Glock mags. We don't have any S&W mags in stock at present, but you can nearly certainly find what you need here:


Posted On: 1/20/2021 By: Wendy Wilson

A: Thanks for reaching out Wendy! The gen 4 simply means this is a fourth generation Glock magazine. However, all of Glock's handguns are backward compatible when it comes to their magazines. It doesn't matter when your Glock 19 was made – it will work with this magazine.

Posted On: 9/27/2020 By: E

A: No ma'am, Glock's magazines aren't compatible with Kahr firearms. We haven't got Kahr magazines in stock, but you can definitely find what you're looking for elsewhere online. Here is a link to Kahr's magazine guide so you can make your search easier with the right SKU number! kahr.com/kahr-mag-guide

Posted On: 8/29/2020 By: Joe Don

A: Yes sir, Glock's magazines are backward compatible. You can use a Gen 4 mag in a Gen 1 Glock 17 pistol.

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