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640 Round Sealed Container of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula - 122gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 640 rounds (20 rounds per box, 32 boxes per SPAM Can)

Ammo Manufacturer - Tula

Bullets - 122 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)

Ammo Casings - Berdan-primed, polymer-coated steel case

640 Round Sealed Container of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula - 122gr FMJ

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Customer Reviews

Review by Robert
Ammo Performance
Love some tul ammo!! Bought this to stock up for SKS and AK! Tul ammo always run great in both guns! This is in a sealed container with a can opener. Great to put back for a "rainy day". Quick shipping! Came here next day! (Posted on 11/2/14)
640 rnd sealed spm can 7.62X39mm ammo by Tula- 122 gr FMJ
Review by Jesse
Ammo Performance
No problems with the ammo, FED-EX ground two days after I ordered, can't get much better than that.......Will go back for more.. (Posted on 7/30/14)
Review by AP
Ammo Performance
I use this in my SKS, a lot of smoke and you must clean up after every time on the range, BUT, have had no miss - fires, no ejection problems or hangups. I will continue to use, and will purchase more. Great for simply sending down range. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Review by AP
Ammo Performance
I use this in my SKS, a lot of smoke and you must clean up after every time on the range, BUT, have had no miss - fires, no ejection problems or hangups. I will conyinue to use, and will purchase more. Great for simply sending down range. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Review by slidefire
Ammo Performance
Excellent product, Works great! Feeds perfect . (Posted on 12/5/12)
Good stuff
Review by Leftidom
Ammo Performance
400 rounds through brand new SGL21 with no malfunctions. Will buy again. (Posted on 10/15/12)
Great deal on this
Review by TR from CT
Ammo Performance
Ammo works great. Price is unbeatable. Ships very quickly. This is a super deal. Stock UP!!!!!!!! (Posted on 8/31/12)
Reliable and cheap
Review by Timothyi
Ammo Performance
No misfires, great bargain. A little dirty but not bad. The can is a pain unless you order the right opener from EBay, then it's a breeze (search for 'ammo can opener'). (Posted on 7/30/12)
Same good Ammo at a better price.
Review by David
Ammo Performance
After shipping and cost of the can it comes out as a better deal than buying the 32 boxes somewhere else. Sealed nicely. Bought the ammo online on a Monday and it arrived the very next day. Georgia to Florida shipment! (Posted on 5/19/12)
Super Deal!
Review by highrpm955
Ammo Performance
I have ran about 200 rounds of this so far...very reliable, no jamming or misfires, the container is time consuming to open, but it does protect the ammo quite well...next time I may try an electric can opener! Good thing about this container, you can store it for as long as needed in any conditions...hell, you could prob bury it for stockpiling! (Posted on 10/18/11)
Great product
Review by Craig
Ammo Performance
Great Product- So far very reliable ammo
Great Service- No issues getting it ordered and correctly
Great Delivery- I expected to wait at least a week and it came in 2 days (Posted on 10/17/11)
Great Buy
Review by Bruce
Ammo Performance
I enjoyed shooting this ammo.and had no problems.
I am about to buy another container in a few days.
Customer service answered all my questions in a timely and polite manner.
Bruce (Posted on 9/27/11)
Review by Jim
Ammo Performance
went through it without one misfire or feed problem (Posted on 8/18/11)
sks stripper clips
Review by clip man
Ammo Performance
???? Does this ammo come with sks stripper clips.. (Posted on 7/21/11)
hard to open but nice and sealed
Review by nickname
Ammo Performance
OMG that can is hard to open (Posted on 7/20/11)
very good ammo consistent geat buy
Review by Mower
Ammo Performance
very good ammo consistent geat buy (Posted on 7/19/11)
Very pleased
Review by Ron I
Ammo Performance
Greta product, price and SERVICE! (Posted on 6/2/11)
great deal
Review by Joker
Ammo Performance
I ordered on a Monday and was shooting by Friday. So far so good. No missfires no jams. My gp75 runs like a scalded dog. All of my future ammo purchases will be from bulkammo. (Posted on 4/22/11)
TULA 122 GR FMJ AMMO 7.62X39
Review by chevy 48
Ammo Performance
Real Bang 4 the Buck
Review by brandy
Ammo Performance
Great ammo and a great price. Have used this for a few years now and never had a single issue. Great can to keep ammo in storage until you need it. (Posted on 1/31/11)
Great product
Review by El Empty
Ammo Performance
performed well. no jams, consistent. (Posted on 1/19/11)
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Q: Is the ammo in the can loose or is packed like tulamo 20 round with paper wrapping or other packing material? Also what temperature do you suggest for storage?

Posted On: 10/23/11 By: Rusty w

A: The Tula 7.62x39 ammo in this can is packed in boxes of 20 rounds each. Storing the can in a cool, dry place is recommended for best long term results.
Q: Is this ammo non-corrosive?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Paul

A: Yes, this Tula 7.62x39 ammo is non-corrosive.
Q: What are the dimensions of the spam can?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Jason

A: Sealed spam cans of 7.62x39 ammo are approximately 14" x 6" x 4".
Q: Can you reload the used steel casings after firing?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Mike

A: No, the steel cases are effectively not reloadable.
Q: how many of these spam cans come in a complete case

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: james hughes

A: These are sold individually, not as a pair in a wooden crate like the surplus ammo.
Q: Is this container waterproof? I would like to store it in a basement where the floor can be moist from time to time.

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Brian

A: While this container will keep out moisture for a reasonable period of time, it is a bad idea to store ammo where it might encounter water.
Q: I was recently told 7.62x39 ammo can come in actual bullet diameters of either .308 or .310. Is this true? If this is true, which bullet diameter is the Tula?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Tom

A: The proper bullet diameter for 7.62x39 ammo as specified by both CIP (European standards organization) and SAAMI (American standards organization) is .311". This Tula ammo is loaded with properly sized projectiles. You will occasionally find 7.62x39 rifles with .308 bores and 7.62x39 ammo with .308 projectiles, but this is quite uncommon.
Q: I know that most of the bulk, eastern manufactured 7.62 x 39 is NOT re-loadable... Is this one re-loadable... of course, at this price it is a great deal even if it is a throw away shell!! I am going to get a couple of tins either way. Oh yeah, also, how does it compare in accuracy with the Wolf brand?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Clayton Jacobs

A: These Tula steel cases are not reloadable. Accuracy is comparable to Wolf brand ammo.
Q: I shoot a Ruger Mini-30. What impact would this ammo have on my rifle? I normally only feed it Winchester or higher grade ammunition. I've always heard that the Russian ammo is dirty and will foul my weapon. Also, are the cartridges "lacquered"? I've heard that it's really the lacquer that fouls the chamber. Finally, if the bullet is steel does that have any adverse impact on the rifling in the barrel? thanks!

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Bob

A: Any ammo will foul a weapon if it is shot enough. The Mini-30 is quite reliable and fouling should not be an issue with it. These cases have a polymer coating which does not melt under high heat and cause any problems with the chamber. Also, the bullet has a bimetal jacket - the outer layer is copper. Your Mini-30 most likely has a hammer forged barrel, which is exceptionally durable, and the outer copper layer of these bullets is much softer than the steel of your barrel. They will not have any great impact on the rifling of your barrel.
Q: How long will this last if stored in a cool dry place?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: paul

A: Ammunition packaged in these tins, stored properly in a cool, dry place as you mentioned, has been known to last for decades.
Q: Is there a shelf life. and what is the best way to store this ammo?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Scott

A: If stored properly in a cool, dry location, this ammo will last for many years.
Q: Is there a performance difference between steel case and brass case ammo?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Tim Van De Grift

A: In firearms designed to shoot steel cased ammo, such as an SKS or AK-47, there will be no noticeable difference in performance. Firearms designed to shoot brass cased ammo may occasionally have failures to extract steel cases on extremely rare occasions.
Q: What if any is the major difference between Russian and domestic amunition?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Tim Van De Grift

A: Russians are the experts when it comes to steel cased ammo, and even Hornady uses Russian-made steel cases for its steel cased ammo. US-made ammo is loaded with brass cases, which are reloadable, but also more expensive.
Q: Do you know if the bullet is steel core?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Mike

A: The bullet has a lead core with a bimetal (steel/copper) jacket.
Q: What does L.C.B. Stand for on the can?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Chuck

A: LCB stands for Lead Core Bullet.
Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the spam can w/ammo inside?

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: Phil

A: The spam cans of 7.62x39 ammo are approximately 14" long, 6" wide, and 4" high. Weight is approximately 27lbs.
Q: I was once told that 7.62+39 ammo from foreign suppliers came loaded with a .311 diameter bullet while domestic manufacturers load the same with .308. Is this true and if so is there an advantage to one or the other?

Posted On: 10/20/11 By: Michael

A: The proper projectile diameter for 7.62x39 ammo is .311", and the vast majority of ammo in this caliber (including domestically manufactured 7.62x39 ammo) is loaded with that diameter bullet (.310-.311"). Some very early runs of the Ruger Mini-30 were made with a .308 bore diameter, but newer Rugers and almost all other known 7.62x39 platforms are .311". An exception is the Century Arms VZ2008, which has a .308" bore. The practical differences are small and it is not likely to result in catastrophic failure if a .311" diameter projectile was fired through a .308" bore. However, it might be worthwhile to determine the bore diameter of your rifle - either by "slugging" the bore (a gunsmith can do that), or contacting the manufacturer and providing them with the serial number of your weapon.
Q: Does this ammo have a steel core. I have an out door range that will not allow steel core ammo as it has potential to start wildfire.

Posted On: 10/10/11 By: Lee

A: This ammo does not have a steel core. However, it does have a bimetal jacket, which is composed of steel and copper. You should check with your range to see if they allow bimetal jackets.
Q: Is the 122 grain bullet a good choice for accuracy?

Posted On: 10/8/11 By: Jim

A: From a bulk ammo standpoint, this ammo will be as good as any other when it comes to accuracy. Some European ammo manufacturers make match 7.62x39, but it is very expensive in comparison to this Tula 7.62x39 ammo.
Q: I'm wondering how smoothly this will cycle in my Norinco SKS?

Posted On: 10/8/11 By: Robert

A: Norinco SKSs are great weapons, and this Tula 7.62x39 ammo would be a good choice for one. I think you will find that it is very smooth shooting.
Q: How does Tula compare with wolf in regards to residue/gunk build-up. Dirtier? Cleaner?

Posted On: 10/7/11 By: Anonymous

A: Tula is comparable to Wolf in terms of powder residue and/or carbon after shooting.
Q: Is this sealed AK-47 ammo your best bet for long term storage? I'm looking to store some ammo and this looks like a good way to do it. Is it filled with an oil or just prevents air from coming in?

Posted On: 10/6/11 By: Marc

A: Yes, this sealed tin of Tula 7.62x39mm is the best choice for long term storage. The sealed steel "tin" prevents air and moisture from entering the space inside. However, it is not filled with oil, because submerging ammunition in oil for long periods of time will render it useless.
Q: i regularly shoot wolf, bear, and other off brand ammo...is this what this is, or is it a better round?

Posted On: 10/5/11 By: rob ayres

A: This Tula ammo is similar to Wolf and Brown Bear (Barnaul) ammo.
Q: How long could this be stored before it starts becoming unsafe to use?

Posted On: 10/4/11 By: Stephen

A: If protected from moisture and extreme temperatures, unsealed tins of steel case ammunition from Russia are well known to be perfectly safe to use, as well as completely reliable, for several decades.
Q: do you know the manufacture date on this ammo?

Posted On: 10/3/11 By: Matt

A: This Tula ammo is new.
Q: Is this newly manufactured ammunition and if so, what would you expect the long term storage life to be while it is still sealed in the spam can?

Posted On: 10/2/11 By: Kyle

A: Yes, this is newly manufactured ammunition. Ammunition produced in Russia and stored properly in these cans has been known to last for decades.
Q: Will corrosive ammo ruin my AK?

Posted On: 10/1/11 By: peter

A: This Tula 7.62x39 ammunition is new production ammunition, and is not corrosive.

However, to answer your question, corrosive ammunition will not ruin your AK. Cleaning with soap and water is recommended if you shoot corrosive surplus ammunition. If you clean the rifle properly after shooting, nothing bad will happen to it.

Q: How much does each spam can weigh?

Posted On: 9/30/11 By: jason

A: Just under 30 pounds.
Q: Can this ammo can be left out in a barn open to cold and heat for long periods of time?

Posted On: 9/29/11 By: Steve

A: Yes, but doing so might shorten the life of the ammunition if it was exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
Q: would shipping be cheaper if I ordered two cases

Posted On: 9/29/11 By: Anonymous

A: Shipping will not be cheaper if you order two cases together, but it will be cheaper than shipping one case on two separate occasions or as part of two orders.
Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the sealed container?

Posted On: 9/29/11 By: David Savino

A: The sealed tins of Tula 7.62x39 ammo weigh about 27lbs and are roughly 14"x6"x4".
Q: Realistically how long will this can keep this ammo fresh and without defect?

Posted On: 9/29/11 By: Scott

A: Military surplus ammo from the 1970s and 1980s - and earlier - stored in these tins have been found to still be perfectly reliable when opened 20, 30, or 40 years later.
Q: Does this come with stripper clips, and or do you sell stripper clips?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: James

A: This ammo does not come with stripper clips and we do not offer them individually.
Q: What is the long term affect of shooting steel cased ammo vs brass cased? Or is it a tradeoff of different attributes? It seems to me that the steel cased would be less prone to problems, but tougher on the feed ramps. And brass would be softer, less damaging, and reloadable. But maybe the steel cased protects the chamber from case problems. This might be a bigger deal in a fluted chamber like an HK33. What say you?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: John

A: A lot of brass 7.62x39 ammo is actually difficult to reload because Eastern Bloc countries used Berdan primers, which cannot be decapped as easily as Boxer primers. Also, some brass 7.62x39 - like the Yugoslavian ammo - is corrosive. This is non-corrosive ammo, which is definitely easier on firearms, and allows you to have a more relaxed cleaning regimen. The metal parts of your rifle that come in contact with the case (such as the feed ramps, ejector, and chamber) should be heat treated and hardened to a far higher hardness level than these mild steel cases. The bottom line is if the rifle was designed to shoot steel cased ammo, using that ammo should not be of any concern. Even if the rifle was designed for brass cases, there is very little to worry about when it comes to non-corrosive steel cased ammo.
Q: Is this storage can re-sealable?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: Eric

A: No - when the can opener is used, the tin cannot be resealed by any practical means.
Q: Do you only have this in fmj or do you have any hollow points?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: kevin

A: At this time, the Tula ammo in a tin is available only in FMJ.
Q: Does this shipment come with any stripper clips?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: John

A: No, this ammo comes packaged in boxes of 20 rounds each, there are no stripper clips.
Q: what year was manufactured?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: Sean

A: This Tula ammunition is newly manufactured, and is not surplus ammunition.
Q: is ths ammo corrosive?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: Christopher

A: This ammo is not corrosive.
Q: Is it possible to reload the steel casing once the ammo is spent?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: Anonymous

A: No, these Tula cases cannot be reloaded.
Q: I have a Ruger Mini 30 and wanted to find some cheaper ammo for target shooting. I have found that some ammo will of this caliber will not work with my gun. Are there any issues with using this ammo in my Mini 30?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: Rick Jensen

A: This ammo is designed for 7.62x39 rifles with a .310-311" bore. You should contact Ruger with the serial number of your Mini-30 and ask if it was one of the early models which had a .308 bore, or one of the newer models with a .310" bore.
Q: is this tula ammo the same ammo that you sell by 1000( I bought some of that ad was pleased with the product) and how much longer is the self life. thanks Herb

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: herb

A: Yes, this is the same ammo, just in a more durable container. If you store it properly, this ammo can last for decades.
Q: What is the stored shelf life of this ammo for long term storage?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Brian

A: Similar ammo sealed in these tins has been found to be reliable even after 30 or more years have gone by.
Q: Do we know a date when the ammo was produced/packaged? Any estimates on storage like when left sealed in the can, forever?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Jeff Blakeney

A: This is new production ammo. Military surplus ammunition stored properly in identical cans is reliable even after many decades have passed.
Q: On the Russian made 7.62x39 in the "tuna can" is there a way to determine the manufacture date on said ammo? Thanks!

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: David

A: This is brand new production 7.62x39 ammo.
Q: I'm not sure I understand the 'corrosive" question correcttly as I think it pertained to the primers. Are the primers corrosive to the rifling of the weapon?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Brian

A: No, this Tula 7.62x39 ammunition is not corrosive and will not harm the rifling of your weapon.
Q: I've been taught not to fire steel case ammo in my AR due to the potential to damage the extractor. Does that same logic extend to AK's or is the system robust enough to handle extensive use of steel case ammo?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Chuck

A: The mild steel cases used by Tula for these 7.62x39 cartridges will not cause damage to a rifle's chamber, extractor, or other parts. The AK-47 platform is, in fact, designed to shoot steel cased ammunition.
Q: What is the best way to open this type of can if you do not have the opener / would a p38 can opener work?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Dwayne

A: A special "spam can opener" is included, however, using a smaller can opener without the same length as the original would make it difficult. These cans were built to last. However, once you've opened it, you should have no difficulty accessing the ammunition in the future.
Q: Does this ammo's bullet have steel core? i.e. will a magnet stick to the bullet it's self?

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Martin

A: No, this Tula 7.62x39 is not steel core ammunition. However, magnets may be attracted to the bullets because steel is used in the bi-metal jacket of the projectile.
Q: Is this the "Uly" ammo that other vendors sell? The individual boxes are not labeled Tulamo so it's kinda confusing... ;-)

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Martin

A: It is impossible to say exactly what other vendors have. This ammunition is manufactured in Russia by the Tula Cartridge Works.
Q: Does this can come with the opener included?

Posted On: 9/21/11 By: Ross

A: Yes, this 7.62x39mm spam can is shipped with a can opener to help open this rugged can.
Q: Is this ammo corrosive?

Posted On: 6/7/11 By: Michael O'Neill

A: Tula's 7.62x39mm ammunition comes in a sealed metal spam can and is non-corrosive making it an ideal choice for long-term storage.