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500 Rounds of .223 Ammo by Brown Bear - 62gr SP

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Quantity - 20 rounds per box; 25 boxes per case

Manufacturer - Brown Bear

Bullets - 62 grain soft point (SP)

Casings - Berdan-primed steel

500  Rounds of .223 Ammo by Brown Bear - 62gr SP

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Customer Reviews

good enough for paper targets
Review by vet4freedom
Ammo Performance
this is far from any hard hitting battle ammo . but its good enough paper targets (Posted on 12/1/14)
great ammo
Review by jd1457
Ammo Performance
awesome ammo.didnt really get to shoot alot yet.freakin crosshaires in scope freaked out so getting a new one.ammo performed well till scope failed. (Posted on 10/16/11)
No problems
Review by Al
Ammo Performance
I've put several 100 of these thru my Rock River. Tighter than a 2" pattern at 100 yrds. No misfires so far. Every round has cycled with no FTL. Some complain about it being dirty ammo but I clean after every trip to the range so don't see the big deal. Can put a lot of shots downrange for very little money. I see no reason to spend twice the money for no real difference. Great range round as far as I'm concerned. (Posted on 8/17/11)

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Ammo Performance
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Q: Can steel cases be reloaded or are these kind of a one shot disposable case? Is this boxer (I think that's the right type) primed ammo or Berdan (not sure of the spelling)? Thanks.

Posted On: 10/21/11 By: David

A: No, these Brown Bear cases are not reloadable. You spelled Berdan correctly, and that is the type of primer used in these cases - non-corrosive Berdan primers.
Q: Is this ammunition lacquer coated? I have read that some people have problems with the lacquer gumming up the bolt and chamber on AR-15 rifles, and being quite hard to scrub off. Is there is any truth to that?

Posted On: 10/16/11 By: Matt

A: This ammo does have a lacquer coating, but there is not any truth to the myth that it can "gum up" a chamber. Steel cases do not expand like brass cases, and there will be additional fouling in the chamber because these cases do not seal against the chamber walls like brass does. This is mistaken for the lacquer coating causing issues.
Q: Does the soft point affect the length of possible storage on these rounds? If so how would you recommend to store these rounds.

Posted On: 10/12/11 By: Eric

A: No, that does not have an effect on storage life. It is recommended to keep ammunition away from heat sources and moisture. A dry place with constantly cool temperatures is ideal.
Q: Is there steel in the projectile? I can not fire rounds whose projectiles attract a magnet at my local range.

Posted On: 10/8/11 By: Nick C

A: This Brown bear to 23 Remington ammo uses a bimetal jacketed projectile, which uses steel and copper in the jacket. It will attract a magnet. However, it should not be considered armor piercing ammunition.
Q: Is there steel in the projectile of this round? I cant shoot at my local indoor range if the tip attracts a magnet.

Posted On: 10/7/11 By: Nick

A: This ammo is loaded with a bimetal jacketed lead core bullet, which will attract a magnet.
Q: Men I shoot with tell me it's BAD NEWS using steel casings. They give various reasons. My mini-14 seems to do OK with them, but they insist they wouldn't use it in their ARs??? Should I steer clear of steel casings and the Brown Bear ammo in general?

Posted On: 9/29/11 By: Randy

A: Steel cased ammunition is safe and can be reliable in any properly manufactured and maintained weapon. It is recommended to clean the chamber in between shooting brass cased and steel cased ammunition, because of the different ways that each type behaves as it is fired.