1000 Rounds of .223 Rem Ammo by Wolf Performance - 55gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 1,000 rounds per case; 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer - Wolf
Projectiles - 55 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings - Berdan-primed steel


A lot of hobbyists like to complain about how expensive their hobbies can be: an aquarium enthusiast may have to dip into their retirement fund to afford fin rot medicine, or an O scale fiend might sell a kidney to get a new Lionel. But a shooter? Even if they own only one firearm, they could still conceivably blow their entire life’s savings in the bat of an eye if they shot as much as they wanted to. It’s a conundrum.

This 223 Rem ammo by Wolf helps to take some of the sting out of what can be so costly a pastime. With its steel casing, this cartridge costs only a fraction of what a brass cased one would. The casing is coated in PolyFormance, a proprietary treatment that eases feeding and extraction in a semi-automatic without leaving behind an abundance of residues. It’s also non-reloadable, so no more having to worry about picking up your casings -- that’s quite a feature!

This round features its caliber’s standard weight 55 grain projectile. The bullet’s copper jacket means it shoots nice and clean, but please note that it’s magnetic even without its casing.

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Posted On: 1/30/2022 By: Jay Gordon

A: Yes sir, this ammo should function correctly in your M&P. Some people note dirtier and less reliable performance when they run steel-cased ammo like this through an AR-15, although I personally believe this ammo's lower price tag more than compensates for any such performance issues.

Posted On: 12/14/2021 By: Grant Bruley

A: Thanks for reaching out Grant! This cartridge has a bimetal jacket bullet, which contains steel. Many indoor ranges ban such bullets because they have a higher chance of creating sparks, ricocheting and damaging range equipment. However, many indoor ranges do not ban bimetal jacket bullets (aka magnetic bullets). In short, the answer to your question is yes – but not at ALL indoor ranges. That's why I recommend calling the indoor range you prefer visiting and asking for their policy on magnetic ammo before you order Wolf's ammo!

Posted On: 5/2/2021 By: andrew

A: No sir, Wolf ammunition is currently made by TulAmmo (aka Tula). In all honesty, though, the difference in quality between Barnaul and TulAmmo is pretty much negligible.

Posted On: 3/25/2021 By: Brian

A: Sorry Brian, but state law prevents us from shipping to Califorina, even if it's to an FFL dealer.

Posted On: 4/10/2020 By: Larry Middleton

A: Yes sir, at this very moment we have dozens of 1,000 round cases of Wolf .223 55gr FMJ in stock and ready to find new homes.

Posted On: 2/26/2020 By: James

A: The outermost layer of copper on this round's bullet is intended to prevent the wear and tear characteristic of a steel jacket. We expect your rifle ought not to incur any damage with Wolf's ammunition, although each firearm is unique to itself and we'd hesitate to make any promises to you that we're not absolutely certain of!

Posted On: 12/23/2019 By: Ray S

A: Hi Ray. Thanks for looking to us for your .223 ammo. Wolf is a bit cleaner than some of the very dirty ammo such as Winchester white box. It is not as clean as Fiocchi or Federal, but overall, it's about like most of the range ammo. We do have a discount for orders starting at $5000 so give us a shout and we can get you a good quote. Have a great day. Ross

Posted On: 11/10/2019 By: Kevin VonD

A: Hi Kevin. Thanks for looking to BulkAmmo.com for your ammo needs. According to the data provided to us by Wolf, that particular round has a muzzle velocity of 3241 ft/sec. Let me know if I can help in any way. Ronnie

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