1000 Rounds of 9mm Ammo by Federal - 115gr JHP HI-SHOK

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case
Manufacturer - Federal Classic Personal Defense
Bullet - 115 grain jacketed hollow-point (JHP)
Casing - Boxer-primed brass


Federal's Hi-Shok 9mm 115 grain JHP (9BP) ammo is considered part of Federal's Classic line of ammo. This self-defense round used to be a main stay in law-enforcement circles and is today probably considered a "gen 1" load by many but is still in use by some police departments. While newer loads like Federal HST ammo have surpassed it in technological innovation, this load is still well-regarded for its consistent feeding and cycling while available at a great price point for self-defense ammo from a name you can trust.

This ammo is widely used by shooters who want to train with what they carry and get lots of reps in. This jacket hollow point bullet is designed to expand on impact creating a larger permanent wound cavity helping to ensure that you're able to protect you and yours should the unthinkable ever happen. This product is made by Federal ammunition in Anoka, Minnesota and is boxer-primed, reloadable, non-corrosive, and will not attract a magnet.

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Our customer service team has published this Q&A information as a free service to the shooting community. Please note that BulkAmmo.com expressly disclaims any and all liability with regard to how the shooting community might use this Q&A information. See Terms of Use for more details.

Posted On: 1/29/2021 By: oscar

A: Thanks for reaching out Oscar! We're not currently offering 9mm ammo by the case, but the cheapest 9mm ammo will have steel cases. You'll probably find that the cheapest 9mm ammo is made by Wolf, Tula, MAXXTech, or RedArmy Standard.

Posted On: 11/25/2016 By: Scooter

A: Hello Scooter, Federal lists the muzzle velocity of this round at 1180 fps with a muzzle energy of 356 ft. lbs.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Dan

A: Yes, the higher projectile weights tend to offer more penetration and expansion. However, this is still affordable and acceptable ammunition for self defense.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Dave

A: Unless you are really looking for the highest accuracy, almost any 9mm brass cased ammo will be good for accurate target shooting. However, you might find that these Federal JHPs (or other JHP ammo from reputable manufacturers) are a little more accurate than standard FMJ ammo.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Darrell

A: No, this ammo should not have any failures to fire in serviceable 9mm firearms. If they do occur, they are so rare as to be statistically insignificant.

Posted On: 10/19/2011 By: JD

A: These hollowpoints will open in tissue, but if the bullet hits a thin part of the target - say, an arm - and is not slowed by bone, it has the potential to pass through an interior wall and still retain enough velocity to damage things on the other side. Similarly, misses will pass through walls and damage items or people on the other side. However, hits on the torso will not be likely to penetrate through the entire body and then a wall and then something on the other side. Shot placement is very important for home defense.

Posted On: 10/5/2011 By: Brian

A: Sometimes, the more expensive defense ammo performs better through barriers or retains weight better even when barriers are not present. The more expensive types might also suffer from fewer core/jacket separations.

Posted On: 10/2/2011 By: Anonymous

A: The Kel-Tec PF9 should feed any 115gr hollow point ammunition, but the only way to be sure is to purchase a small amount and test it in your particular firearm.

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