250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Remington Disintegrator Lead Free Frangible Reduced Recoil - 00 buckshot

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 250 rounds per case; 25 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer - Remington
Shot Load - 9 pellet 00 buckshot
Shell Length - 2-3/4"


Don’t shoot steel – especially up-close – with just any regular old buckshot. If just one little fragment of lead splashes back at your face, then BOOM! Your days as a world-famous supermodel are over. Use Remington’s Disintegrator Lead Free Frangible Reduced Recoil ammo instead!

This shell is loaded with nine pellets of frangible 00 buckshot. Each pellet is totally lead-free, so when it hits a hard surface it will instantly disintegrate without putting your respiratory health in jeopardy. Better yet, this shell’s primer contains no heavy metals that a doctor would advise against inhaling as well.

This shell’s frangible buck is loaded in a column with buffering that protects it from breaking apart before it exits the barrel. Remington’s shot cup does its own part to protect this relatively delicate shot, so you can enjoy a reliable, realistic pattern while you’re training on steel targets.

Remington loads a Disintegrator shell with clean burning explosive components to reduce the need for frequent cleaning. They have also loaded this particular shell to deliver reduced recoil, premitting you to fire in rapid succession with less of the muzzle rise that impacts accuracy.

This ammo may not cycle a semi-auto.

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Posted On: 8/17/2020 By: Cedric Santellana

A: Without question! Frangible buckshot is not as dense as lead, and as the result doesn't transfer as much energy on impact. However, it is still extremely effective at incapacitating a threat, and frangible buck's reduced likelihood of penetrating a wall makes it less likely to put bystanders in harms way. It still can penetrate a wall, but many people prefer frangible because it's a little safer indoors. If you're looking for a more traditional shell for tactical use, I'd recommend Federal's Law Enforcement ammo: bulkammo.com/bulk-12ga-ammo-12ga2-34buck00federaltacle13300-5. This shell will absolutely demolish things.

Posted On: 8/14/2020 By: Harold

A: Hi Harold! This ammo's primary intended purpose is training with steel targets. That said, MANY people use frangible ammo for home defense. Although frangible buckshot is less dense and therefore packs less energy on impact than lead, it is still extremely effective at stopping a threat. (Definitively.) This ammo actually offers a unique advantage for home defense because frangible buckshot is less likely to penetrate walls. (It still can penetrate walls, mind you.) That makes this ammo a more responsible solution for home defense when you are concerned about overpenetration or missing your target putting an innocent bystander in harm's way, like if your home has a shared wall. To recap, frangible buckshot doesn't pack the same firepower as lead buck, but it is still highly effective for home defense. It may help prevent the penetration of walls.

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