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50 Rounds of .223 Ammo by Black Hills Ammunition - 75gr Heavy Match HP

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A true expert always seeks the highest quality materials. For Black Hills this means sourcing select cases, primers, and bullets, and never revealing the exact composition of their propellant blends. There is little wonder why so many shooting experts – including members of U.S. Military rifle teams and engineers at Smith & Wesson and FN Herstal – choose Black Hills’ highest quality ammo for their work as well.

Perhaps your area of expertise lies in precision shooting, or you simply wish to see how well you can peg long distance targets with real American sniper ammo. That’s when you need Black Hills’ 223 Rem 75 grain Heavy Match HP ammunition. This round’s bullet is more than one third heavier than usual. That greater mass conveys superior downrange momentum, perfect when even a gentle breeze could push a lighter bullet off course. Do note that so heavy a bullet will perform best with a 1:8 or faster barrel twist to stabilize it.

This round’s bullet is a hollow point, but it is not the type of HP that is designed to expand during penetration. A match HP starts out as a thin, concentric, and evenly balanced copper jacket. Its only opening is at the tip, which means its base is jacketed to prevent bullet deformation during ignition. The bullet’s tip is extremely narrow, which raises its ballistic coefficient along with its boat tail base. The opening at the tip gave passage to the bullet’s lead core while it was still molten. That means this bullet’s core hardened right in place, exactly conforming to the contours of its jacket in the process. Such exemplary balance conveys great in-flight stability for even better accuracy!

Black Hills’ brass is drawn and tapered according to exacting tolerances. It chambers neatly and becomes reloadable once fired. This round’s primer and propellant were handloaded by industry experts and inspected with just as much care, providing everything you need to set your own personal records.

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