500 Rounds of .38 Special Ammo by Prvi Partizan - 158gr Semi-Wadcutter

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 500 rounds per case; 50 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer - Prvi Partizan
Projectiles - 158 grain semi-wadcutter (SWC)
Ammo Casings - Boxer-primed brass
Muzzle Velocity - 902 fps
Muzzle Energy - 285 ft lbs


The 38 Special was developed by Smith & Wesson to supplant the 38 Long Colt after the latter’s performance proved inadequate to penetrate Morro warriors' shields during the Philippine-American War. We are not certain if this round by Prvi Partizan would break through a wooden “kalasag,” but we do know it’s exactly what you need if your training or competition involves paper targets.

This cartridge’s 158 grain semi-wadcutter projectile has a broad and flat meplat, which in conjunction with its abrupt shoulder will produce an exceedingly tidy hole through paper -- just the ticket for certain scoring, as well as rewarding feedback on your performance that you can see far downrange. The bullet is made of lead, which in conjunction with the large hole it produces upon impact gives it the terminal performance an effective self-defense load requires as well. Consider this round if you suspect that your revolver’s barrel isn’t long enough to give a hollow point the oomph it needs to expand fully!

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Posted On: 10/29/2022 By: MEW

A: Thanks for reaching out! This round's muzzle velocity is 902 fps (7.7" test barrel).

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