5 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Federal Premium Tactical LE - 1 ounce Rifled Slug

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 5 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Federal Premium LE
Load - 2-3/4" 1 Ounce TruBall Rifled Slug HP


Nothing hits like a 12 gauge slug. Well, maybe the .50 BMG but that is a totally different league. But in terms of ‘normal’ calibers, the 12 gauge slug hits like a freight train. Shatter engine blocks: check. Split bowling pins: check. Turn bad guys inside-out: double check.

Long before the Modern Sporting Rifle became a standard item in the trunks of every police cruiser, the scattergun reigned supreme. But it was hampered by very limited effective range and terrible accuracy. Enter the rifled slug.

The rifled slug is moderately well suited to add reach to the smoothbore shotgun, although it has nowhere near the reach of, say, a .223 carbine. But what it does do incredibly well is break stuff. Stuff like car door, walls, furniture, etc. It also breaks body armor, should the need arise. And even if it didn’t break the body armor, the recipient of the slug would wish it had.

The problem with shooting slugs is that they are just so dang punishing when you shoot 3” magnum rounds. I mean, just brutal. The shooter only comes out marginally better than whatever is on the receiving end. But Federal Premium Tactical LE is available in 2 ¾”, pushing a 1 oz. slug at 1,300 fps and 1,650 ft. lbs of energy at the muzzle, with considerably less pain at the collar bone.

If you need to crumple up a black bear or a bad guy, this is just the ticket to do it. Get it now at a very affordable price while it lasts.

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Posted On: 3/28/2021 By: bryan

A: Thanks for reaching out Bryan! I expect your AR-12 will be able to handle pretty much any kind of slugs capably once it is broken in – but do avoid low recoil shells, as they'll potentially generate too little pressure to reliably cycle your semi-auto. Many models of AR-12 break in better with a certain type of ammo, though. I'd like to look yours up and see if the manufacturer recommends a certain muzzle velocity/shot weight combo for break-in.

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