500 Rounds of .17 WSM Ammo by Federal American Eagle - 20gr Polymer Tipped

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 500 rounds
Manufacturer - Federal American Eagle
Bullets - 20 grain polymer tip (PT)
Casings - Rimfire primed brass


The Varmint super class cartridge – the .17 WSM (Winchester Super Magnum) is the natural evolution of the traditional rimfire cartridge. It’s a necked down .22 magnum, which offers a good sized powder load to a .17 projectile with a polymer tip. This round is devastating to squirrels, woodchucks, coyote or other small game everywhere.

The varmint specific load concept isn’t new, but it is elevated by this round to a level of fun you haven’t had since you shot a .22LR for the first time. The sheer ballistics of pushing a tiny .17 caliber projectile (forget that it weighs only 20 grains) at 3000 Feet per second makes clean kills on the tiniest of critters. But that type of terminal velocity also make it suitable for animals as large as a coyote. It’s pretty incredible to see such a flat shooting round in action. It takes out small game immediately and with almost graceful efficiency. Your shot is on target every time and it is suitable for game out way past the normal 100 yard range, despite the tiniest of projectiles.>/p>

This is a rimfire round, and it is not reloadable. The price is significantly more expensive than the rimfire most shooters are used to, but this load is in a class by itself for those who enjoy punching straight lines through paper at moderate ranges. It also offers the most fun you can get from a rimfire cartridge against small game. When you’re in the field trying to dispatch the enemy varmint, this is the round you want to be shooting.

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Posted On: 8/10/2022 By: Utahpipeliner91

A: Sorry sir, but we haven't got this ammo in stock at present. We haven't got any 17 WSM in our warehouse, but we do update our inventory constantly so I hope you'll check back in again soon!

Posted On: 3/26/2019 By: Zachary Thatcher

A: Hi Zachary. Unfortunately we do not get a shipping schedule for products we have on order. Keep an eye on our website. When it does come in, you will see it listed for sale. I don't suspect that it will be too long, and the more often you check, the better your chances are that you will get some! You can also give us a call at 800-720-6035 and we can check for you.

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