250 Rounds of 20ga Ammo by Winchester AA - 2-3/4" 7/8 ounce #9 shot

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Quantity - 250 Rounds
Manufacturer - Winchester
Load - 2-3/4" #9 Shot


These 20 gauge shells from Winchester are an excellent choice for training and match use in the skeet and trap sports! Each shell is assembled using a sturdy brass head, clean-igniting 209 primer, and moisture-resistant hull bearing a tight crimp. Inside the round is a 7/8 ounce load of #9 sized lead shot pellets which have undergone a chilling and hardening process. Combined with the effort of the AA wad's protective cup, this process ensures that a higher percentage of pellets exit the muzzle with unmarred shape. Rounder pellets stick together in a tighter pattern, travel farther, and yield cleaner breaks on clay pigeons.

The AA wad also possesses a collapsing center, which reduces felt recoil, and an obturating powder rear; when the shell is fired, the rear skirt expands outwardly in order to create an efficient gas seal for consistent muzzle velocity and accuracy. Shooters can expect these 20 gauge shells to exhibit light recoil for high volume training which is easily supported by the 250 count bulk case. Winchester is an American company with over 150 years of experience and a name that is well-recognized inside and outside of the shooting community. They manufacture a wide variety of products to serve law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, and hunters all across the continent.

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Posted On: 9/2/2020 By: Ronald Myer

A: Thanks for reaching out Ronald! Unfortunately good 20 Gauge ammo for home defense is in pretty short supply right now. You would ideally want something loaded with buckshot or a slug, but all we have in stock at the moment is target shooting and bird hunting loads. I couldn't recommend any of it for home defense in good conscience, but that said this ammo *could* effectively neutralize a threat: bulkammo.com/bulk-20ga-ammo-20ga2-34target78oz8fedtopgun-25. It's 2-3/4" so it should work in any shotgun, loaded with 7/8 ounces of #8 lead shot (tiny pellets, but at close range pretty unpleasant), and loaded to a 1,210 fps muzzle velocity. You'd at least benefit from a reduced chance of penetrating multiple walls, but I can't emphasize how important it'd be to keep a short distance between yourself and the threat with this ammo in your shotgun. If I were you, I'd wait and check back in again soon. Our inventory changes constantly, so there's a good chance we'll have something more appropriate in stock soon.

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