500 Rounds of .22 WMR Ammo by Hornady - 30gr V-Max

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 50 rounds per box; 10 boxes per case
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullets - 30 grain V-Max polymer tip
Casings - Rimfire-primed brass


Perhaps one of the most finely engineered .22 rounds on the market today, the Hornady 30gr .22 Winchester magnum rifle V-Max truly belongs in a class all its own.

The Hornady 30gr .22 Winchester Magnum Rifle V-Max is one of the only .22 caliber bullets on the market to feature Hornday’s Heat Shield rated polymer tip technology. This tip is the secret to Hornady’s unparalleled terminal performance. The polymer fills the internal cavity of the bullet, and upon impact drives polymer nose cone into the very core of the round. This results in a truly explosive level of bullet expansion, even a lower terminal velocity.

A swagged lead core allows a precise formation of the bullets core, resulting in a round that is perfectly balanced across the entire shank of the round. The boat tail recess at the bullets shaft serve to stabilize the bullet in flight, and at a muzzlevelcoity of 2,200 feet per second, these are the hardest hitting .22 caliber rounds in existence today.

If you are in need of a .22 caliber round that can deliver performance uncharacteristic of its size, the Hornady 30gr .22 long rifle V-Max is ready to answer the call.

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Posted On: 3/5/2024 By: Fleck_one

A: Thanks for reaching out Fleck! Your Ruger 10/22 cannot chamber 22 WMR (aka 22 Magnum) ammunition. Even if it could, the more powerful cartridge would only succeed at destroying your rifle and possibly injuring you.

Posted On: 11/4/2023 By: Tim Collier

A: No sir. The 22 WMR cartridge is 0.35" longer than a 22 LR cartridge and significantly more powerful as well. Even if a 22 LR firearm could chamber a 22 WMR cartridge, it would most likely explode during ignition.

Posted On: 6/13/2023 By: Rick Mitchell

A: No sir, they aren't. Walther says this ammunition doesn't have enough recoil to cycle the WMP. You can check out their recommended ammo here: https://waltherarms.com/blog/walther-wmp-ammunition-recommendations. We have many of their recommendations in stock. My personal favorite among them is the CCI Maxi-Mag, which Walther also says performs best in the WMP: https://www.bulkammo.com/500-rounds-of-22-wmr-ammo-by-cci-40gr-jhp

Posted On: 4/25/2023 By: Josh Burden

A: No sir. The original Ruger 10/22 was exclusively chambered for 22 LR, which means a 22 Mag cartridge would only succeed at destroying your rifle. (There are Ruger 10/22 Mag rifles, which were produced from 1998 until 2006, but it doesn't sound like you have one.) Your rifle should reliably cycle any 22 LR ammo, although I would personally recommend CCI Mini-Mag: https://www.bulkammo.com/100-rounds-of-22-lr-ammo-by-cci-40gr-cprn

Posted On: 10/17/2020 By: Spud

A: Hello Spud! We certainly intend to offer this ammo again as soon as we are able. I can't in all fairness say exactly when that will be, but I hope you'll check in again soon. Our inventory updates frequently!

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