20 Rounds of 30-30 Win Ammo by Hornady Leverevolution - 160gr

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 20 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Hornady
Bullet - 160 grain Flex Tip Technology (FTX)
Casing - Boxer-primed brass
Manufacturer Item # - 82730


Although it reads like a mispronunciation of America's founding activity, Hornady's Leverevolution bullet is a projectile specially designed for performance in lever action rifles. Its polymer tip is safe to use in tubular magazines without risk of internal detonation, and its ballistic coefficient will impress even the most experienced .30-30 users. The Flex Tip Technology used in Leverevolution projectiles combines the accuracy provided by a pointed round, while delivering 40% more terminal energy than flat-nose bullets.

Hornady's .30-30 Leverevloution's projectile weighs in at 160 grains and produces 2,046 foot pounds of energy at the barrel. It travels at 2,400 feet per second, and its boxer-primed brass is safe for reuse. It comes packaged in a 20-round plastic tray wrapped in a Hornady Leverevolution branded cardstock box.

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Posted On: 10/20/2011 By: Troy

A: With muzzle velocities of 2400fps, both 160gr FTX and 170gr RN will be 2 inches high at 100 yards. But the FTX will be traveling 160fps faster and has about 160ft-lbs more energy. At 200 yards, the FTX is 2" low, while the 170 is 3.5" low. Velocities are 1900 and 1600 fps, respectively. Energy, 1308 ft-lbs versus 982 ft-lbs. By 300 yards, the FTX has dropped 16 inches, while the 170gr RN has dropped 23. Velocities are 1702fps and 1311 fps, energy 1029 for the FTX and 648 for the 170gr RN. In other words, the FTX has more velocity and energy at 300 yards than the 170gr RN does at 200 yards. Hope this helps.

Posted On: 10/2/2011 By: Anonymous

A: Yes, these Hornady FTX projectiles are safe to use in a lever action rifle. It is doubtful that you would find any factory-produced .30-30 that was unsafe for use in a tubular magazine. While this is certainly something to be aware of and avoid, it is doubtful that this has happened - unless someone handloaded ammunition with pointed bullets and then loaded them into a tubular magazine.

Posted On: 9/30/2011 By: Darin

A: The OAL of LeverEvolution cartridges is the same as standard cartridges, so they'll work in the same actions. The cases are slightly shorter to allow the FTX bullet to have a cannelure in the right location. If you reload these cases, be sure to use LeverEvolution bullets.

Posted On: 9/30/2011 By: Artos

A: One lot of .30-30 Leverevolution ammo was underloaded and not to spec. That lot number is 3060134 and the ammunition was produced in 2006. All ammunition produced since then, including what we have in stock, has been made to the proper velocity specifications.

Posted On: 9/28/2011 By: Stephen McCollum

A: Both Hornady and Federal are high quality ammo manufacturers. You might find that the Hornady ammo is slightly more accurate. Neither one would be considered "dirty."

Posted On: 9/28/2011 By: Chad

A: No, this is not lead free ammunition. Look for ammunition loaded with the Barnes TSX or TTSX bullets/projectiles.

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