500 Rounds of 7.62x51mm Ammo by Federal - XM80C - 149gr FMJ

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Quantity - 20 rounds per box; 25 boxes per case
Manufacturer - Federal
Bullets - 149 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Casings - Boxer-primed brass


This 7.62x51mm Federal ammo is loaded at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, MO. This is the same facility where most of the small caliber ammunition for the US military is manufactured. When Lake City has excess capacity come available they sell it to the commercial market creating a great value for shooters delivering quality ammo at a reasonable price.

This ammo is great for reloaders who like the consistency of Lake City headstamped brass. This ammo features a 149 grain full metal jacket projectile with a bi-metal jacket that has a steel jacket with a copper wash to avoid barrel wear. The military designs their ammo this way so that when machine guns heat up the jackets won't be stripped off of the bullets but this ammo is great for civilian use providing great quality at a very attractive price due in part to the huge production capacity at Lake City's disposal and the efficiency that results.

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Posted On: 3/17/2018 By: J. barrett

A: This is factory new ammunition. This is not reloaded.

Posted On: 12/4/2015 By: What fps?

A: Hello! The muzzle velocity for this round is listed as 2750 fps.

Posted On: 8/28/2015 By: Mike

A: Hello Mike! The XM80C ammunition is loaded with a lead core bullet but the jacket of the bullet does contain steel and the bullet will not pass any type of magnet test.

Posted On: 10/22/2011 By: Mike

A: Federal makes American Eagle ammo, and both are excellent choices for all uses. Brown Bear ammo is great for practice or plinking, and the steel cases used for that ammo help reduce costs, which means that you can spend less money on ammo. However, if you want to reload, the Federal products are a better choice because their brass cases are reloadable and very high quality.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Tom Cheney

A: There are minor differences in chamber dimensions. The ammunition is effectively identical, from a dimensional standpoint, but the SAAMI maximum pressure for .308 Winchester loads is higher than the maximum pressure for 7.62x51 NATO loads. While a .308 rifle can safely chamber and fire 7.62x51 NATO, a rifle chambered in 7.62x51 should not be used to fire commercial .308 Win ammo.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: CJ

A: The difference is in the packaging - this is bulk packaged, while the other item comes in boxes of 20 rounds. The ammunition is the same.

Posted On: 10/10/2011 By: Jeff

A: Any load with the Federal Fusion, Barnes TSX/TTSX, Sierra GameKing, or Hornady A-Max bullet would be a great choice for deer hunting.

Posted On: 10/6/2011 By: Dillon

A: Actually, this ammo is loaded with a boat tailed bullet, because the NATO specification calls for a FMJBT projectile. While you are not likely to notice the difference from 0-200 yards, the boat tail design will reduce wind drift and projectile drop at 400 yards.

Posted On: 10/3/2011 By: Daniel

A: Yes, this XM80C ammo has hard primers to prevent or reduce the possibility of slam-fires.

Posted On: 9/28/2011 By: Curtis

A: Yes, this XM80C has crimped primers for maximum reliability in semi-automatic and automatic firearms. The primer pockets will need to be swaged prior to reloading.

Posted On: 9/27/2011 By: Daniel

A: Yes, this XM80C ammo has hard primers to reduce the possibility of a slam-fire.

Posted On: 9/27/2011 By: Bruce

A: While the XM80C is described as FMJ only, the M80 projectile is an FMJBT type. The velocity of these two ammo types is very similar (2820 vs 2800 fps). The largest visual difference is that the annealing on the XM80C ammo is plainly visible, while the cases of the American Eagle red box ammo have a polished appearance. The XM80C ammo is loaded in Lake City (LC) or Federal Cartridge (FC) brass with a NATO cross headstamp and year of production with crimped primers and sealants on the bullet/case mouth, while the AE ammo normally uses commercial FC 308 Win brass that is not crimped. Both of these ammunition types are very reliable and high quality examples of American-made ammo at its finest.

Posted On: 9/27/2011 By: Brandon

A: Yes, this Federal brass can be reloaded. The primers are crimped in place and it would be necessary to "swage," or press open, the primer pockets to allow a new primer to be seated. However, this is not a big deal for most reloaders.

Posted On: 9/27/2011 By: Daryl

A: This is more complicated than it would seem. The easiest way to answer your question is to say that rifles chambered for/marked with .308 Win should be safe to shoot both commercial .308 and military 7.62x51mm ammunition. Rifles chambered in 7.62x51mm may not be safe to shoot commercial .308 Win ammo. This is because .308 Win ammunition may be loaded to higher pressures, while 7.62x51 is limited to lower pressures.

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