1000 Rounds of .357 Mag Ammo by Magtech - 158gr SJHP

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 1,000 rounds (50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case)
Ammo Manufacturer - Magtech Ammunition
Projectiles - 158 grain semi-jacketed hollow-point (SJHP)
Ammo Casings - Boxer-primed brass


This 357 Magnum cartridge by Magtech sports a 158 grain projectile, which is the original weight the caliber was first introduced with in 1935. The hollow point bullet will expand to far greater than its original diameter as it enters a soft target, giving this round the stopping power it needs to be ideal for personal protection. The bullet further features a semi-jacket, which will not only prevent excessive lead fouling in your pistol’s bore but also facilitates in penetration. This round’s supersonic 1,235 fps muzzle velocity does its part to facilitate in penetration as well.

This cartridge further offers a non-corrosive Boxer primer and factory fresh brass casing. Those features make this round fit for work at a reloading bench, so 1,000 of these rounds can keep a handloader perfectly content for ages.

Magtech has built a great reputation for itself since its creation in 1990 owing to its products’ great quality, consistency, and reliability. All of their ammunition is manufactured according to CIP or SAAMI specifications, and it is utilized for every imaginable purpose throughout the world.

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Posted On: 5/2/2020 By: coldkeyes

A: Smart move to get a wheel gun for your first carry weapon. This cartridge right here will absolutely neutralize a target. Not only is its bullet designed to reliably penetrate and expand within soft tissue, but the sheer staggering power of the 357 Magnum makes its terminal effect extremely potent. Now, most shooters will economize by purchasing one box of specialized self-defense ammunition and a case of training loads so they can get a feel for their weapon's performance. Personally, I would recommend that you get a box of Hornady's Critical Self-Defense loads: bulkammo.com/bulk-357-mag-ammo-357mag125jhpftxhornady-25. This round's bullet is top notch, a jacketed hollow point with a polymer plug that shields its nose cavity from clogging up with fabric that could have hampered its ability to expand. Hornady is one of America's preeminent bullet makers. For training, I'd recommend this ammo by Prvi Partizan: bulkammo.com/500-rounds-of-357-mag-ammo-by-prvi-partizan-158gr-fpj. Its bullet won't expand within soft tissue, but its economic design makes range training far more palatable. To be sure, the ammo on this page will make short work of most any threat you could encounter. The 357 Magnum is in no way wanting for power. And let me add, you can also fire more affordable 38 Special ammo in a revolver chambered for 357 Magnum as well! The 357 Magnum was derived from the 38 Special, so 38 Special functions in a 357 Mag revolver just fine. Just don't put 357 Mag in a revolver designed for 38 Special. Even if it could fit, it would probably blow up the weapon in your hand.

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