100 Rounds of .38 Spl Ammo by MBI - 158gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Manufacturer - Military Ballistics Industries
Bullets - 158 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings - once-fired boxer-primed brass
Ammo Quantity - 100 rounds per sealed pack
Note: There may be nickel-plated casings mixed into bags


These reloaded .38 Special rounds from Military Ballistic Industries (MBI) offer shooters top grade components at an inexpensive price. The cartridges are built using once-fired brass casings of varying origin that have been inspected for mouth integrity, wall thickness, and proper dimensions. Each case is filled with Hodgdon brand propellant and equipped with a Boxer primer from either CCI or Winchester which are both known manufacture clean-burning, non-toxic ignition mixtures. The round is topped off with 158 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet from either Hornady or a Vista Brand (Federal/Speer/Blazer).

The FMJs will feature a flat point for safe compatibility with tube magazines as well as the ability to cut clean holes in paper or cardboard targets. This is important for hobbyists and competitors that want to break as much perforation as possible while maintaining easily measured groups. 158 grains is a common weight for the .38 Spl caliber and will exhibit performance on par with popular target and defense loads. MBI ammunition is American made using the latest in precision-oriented assembly technology. These rounds come loosely packed in a clear, sealed bag for easy transport and cost savings.

WARNING! This is “remanufactured” ammunition. Compared to new ammunition, remanufactured ammunition may be more likely experience ruptures, squibs, or other functional failures which could damage your firearm and potentially cause severe injury or death to yourself or others nearby. Remanufactured ammunition may also void your firearm’s warranty, so be sure to review your firearm’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer with any questions. Do not supply this ammunition to third-parties for their use without first telling them that it is remanufactured.

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Posted On: 8/12/2016 By: sue

A: Hello Sue, MBI lists the muzzle velocity of this specific round at 760 fps.

Posted On: 2/19/2015 By: repeal16

A: Hello! The muzzle velocity of this ammunition is 760 fps with a muzzle energy of 203 ft. lbs.

Posted On: 6/5/2011 By: Mark

A: This product is indeed 38 Special 158 gr FMJ loaded to standard pressures (not +P) using once-fired brass. We will update these pictures with the next batch that we send to our photographer. Thanks for pointing this out!

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