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1000 Rounds of 5.56x45 Ammo by PMC - 55gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Manufacturer - PMC
Bullets - 55 grain full metal jacket M193
Casings - Boxer-primed brass
Quantity - 1000 rounds per case


Frequent AR shooters will find this 1000-round case of PMC X-TAC ammunition ideal for their needs. This case holds 50 20-round boxes of bulk-packed ammo made to M193 military specifications. These rounds offer strong ballistic performance, reliable ignition, and clean burning at a reasonable price.

Each cartridge fires a 55-grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of 3,270 feet per second. The reloadable brass cases are sealed at the primer and neck for long-term storage.

Safety note: This is 5.56 NATO ammunition and will function well in most AR-15 rifles; however, it may not be suitable for sporting firearms chambered in .223 Remington. Check with the firearm manufacturer if in doubt.

PMC X-TAC is a brand of the Poongsan Corporation, a major ammunition manufacturer headquartered in South Korea. Poongsan’s vast production capacity supplies both American shooters and South Korean military personnel, and achieves impressive economies of scale through vertical integration. At the same time, the company ensures the consistency and quality of every batch of ammo through rigorous electronic testing.

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Ammo Performance
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Posted On: 1/11/17 By: Tym Chasteen

A: Hello Tym, This ammunition is a standard M193 load, meaning it's loaded with a standard 55 grain copper jacketed, lead core projectile. This specific round does not contain a steel penetrator.

Posted On: 8/21/16 By: Scott

A: Hello Scott, According to PMC, the 55 grain M193 5.56 round is also loaded with a FMJBT style projectile.

Posted On: 8/9/16 By: Rick

A: Hello Rick, PMC does note that the primers on this 5.56 ammunition are crimped.

Posted On: 12/10/15 By: Kaliforniaaa

A: Hello! This ammunition is packaged in standard 20 round boxes with 50 boxes per 1000 round case.

Posted On: 4/29/15 By: Bill Hood

A: Hello Bill, PMC does not use any corrosive components in the manufacturing of their ammunition.

Posted On: 2/6/15 By: Mike

A: Hello Mike! All PMC ammunition is new manufacture. They do not produce any remanufactured ammunition currently.

Posted On: 1/2/15 By: Rappid Fire

A: Hello! The Muzzle velocity of this PMC 5.56 round is 3270 fps as listed by the manufacturer.

Posted On: 9/22/14 By: EH

A: Hello, Yes, these 55gr. FMJ rounds by PMC in 5.56 are boat tailed. They make excellent target rounds in 5.56 and should function great in your 5.56 firearm.

Posted On: 5/17/14 By: Andrew

A: Hello Andrew, These 55gr. FMJ rounds in 5.56 by PMC are manufactured in South Korea. PMC makes excellent ammunition and you shouldn't have any problems with it.

Posted On: 3/21/14 By: klaus

A: Hello Klaus, No, the primers in these 55gr. FMJ rounds in 5.56 by PMC are non-corrosive. You won't have to worry about corrosive primers with these rounds.

Posted On: 3/14/14 By: Eric

A: Hello Eric, Yes, the brass with the 55gr. M193 FMJ rounds in 5.56 by PMC are new and not reloaded. You can reload these cases without a problem.

Posted On: 1/29/14 By: Dar

A: Hello Dar, Yes, the PMC 5.56x45 is the same as NATO 5.56, and is safe to shoot in any firearm chambered in 5.56. The PMC 5.56 rounds are brass cased and boxer primed as well.

Posted On: 5/14/13 By: Kevin

A: This 5.56x45 ammunition from PMC features a lead core and does not contain any steel in the core or on its jacket. The jacket is a copper composition. These properties mean the bullet will not attract to a magnet which will be allowed in most indoor ranges.

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