20 Rounds of 6.5 mm Creedmoor Ammo by Winchester Expedition - 142gr Nosler Accubond

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity – 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Winchester
Projectiles – 142 Grain Nosler AccuBond
Ammo Casing – Boxer-primed brass case


If you already know about and shoot 6.5 Creedmoor, then this is an elite round, perfect for hunting big and medium game of all types at great distances. If you’re new to 6.5 Creedmoor, then you need to read on and find out why it’s become such a popular and coveted round of late.

When tested by SOCOM in 2017 the 6.5 Creedmoor performed incredibly well. It shot 1.5 times the distance, effectively of the beloved .308 Winchester, with a 30% reduction in wind drift performance degradation and offered lower recoil than the .308 Winchester. It also more than doubled the hit probability at 1000 meters. This round is an incredible performer. What would ordinarily be an improbable and difficult changeover may not be as difficult for the SOCOM snipers adopting the round in 2019. The bolt face and magazine is close enough to allow for minimal changes basically relegated to a new barrel.

Particular to this Winchester Expedition round are the following pieces of information:

A Nosler Accubond projectile in 142 grain weight offers reliable expansion and wound channel, as well as a significantly improved weight retention upon impact. The inherent accuracy of the bullet and the selection of the other components, like a nickel plated brass and a premium primer; clean burning powder and the quality control specifications for the cartridge line ensures your shot is on target and it will have the greatest probability of taking out your target in the field.

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Posted On: 3/19/2020 By: Pat

A: Thank you for asking, Pat! Without giving proper inspection to your firearm we must decline to give you any opinion of its functionality. With that out of the way, this cartridge is in no way designed to do anything that deviates substantially from what a 308 Win cartridge is meant to do. Winchester loads to SAAMI specs, so this round's dimensions and pressure are highly standardized. Even if your rifle is in fact chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO, SAAMI considers it safe to fire 308 Win ammo in such a firearm. We hope that is of help!

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