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20 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Silver Bear - 125gr SP

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 20 rounds per box
Manufacturer - Silver Bear
Bullets - 125 grain soft point (SP)
Casings - Berdan-primed zinc plated steel


About as close a round to the original manufacture military cartridges in 7.62x39mm as you can find in production quality, performance, reliability, accuracy and price. These good looking, robust rounds are a perfect mating to any military style or clone in the caliber; especially the AK and SKS.

This 7.62x39 ammo is loaded with a 125 grain projectile. That’s a good grain weight for moderately sized game, and the soft point adds a bit of deformation to the bullet to give good terminal ballistics. The overall price to performance ratio is incredibly favorable. The steel casing and Berdan primer makes this much to difficult to bother with reloading, but helps to keep costs cheap, and has for years been an ideal companion for the firearms listed above.

Great velocity vs. penetration vs. energy vs. reliability makes the 7.62x39 a near perfect battlefield round, with a large capacity able to be carried due to the moderate sizing as opposed to larger rounds, and the brutal effectiveness as proven over the decades of service.

This caliber and these rounds are suitable for hunting where lead is still acceptable on big game and moderately sized game up to and including large deer. The range of 100-175 yards is more than adequate for this type of game, but the sweet spot doesn’t dictate that it cannot be used far beyond that measure.

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Posted On: 10/11/2011 By: Terry

A: While the AK platform does well in terms of feeding 7.62x39 soft points, you might encounter problems with the SKS. It would be a good idea to test this ammo in your SKS before setting off on a hunt with it.

Posted On: 9/28/2011 By: Octavio

A: While there is no substitute for the high levels of quality control found in America and at American factories such as Federal, this Silver Bear ammunition is safe, reliable, and accurate for sporting or target shooting purposes.

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