500 Rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO LR M118 Ammo by Lake City - 175gr OTM

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 500 rounds loose
Manufacturer - Lake City
Bullets - 175 open tip match (OTM) M118 Long Range
Casings - Boxer-primed brass


This 7.62x51mm ammo is known by its military designation as M118LR ammo is ideally suited for long-range precision shooting. This ammo features a 175 grain open-tip match bullet that delivers superb accuracy and tight groupings at long ranges. This ammo is manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant and excess production is made available to the commercial market.

This ammo, unlike commercial ammunition, still shows the annealing marks near the case neck which is a military requirement to visually show that this final neck annealing process has been completed to ensure the brass is not brittle. Commercial ammo undergoes this same process but it is then run through a final cleaning process to make it more aesthetically attractive but the military prefers the assurances that come from the visual process over the ammo looking pretty. While not the prettiest ammo, you'll be impressed with the match quality.

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Posted On: 3/26/2020 By: Trevor

A: Thanks for reaching out, Trevor! Normally we'd call the manufacturer to check and see for you, but the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant hasn't really got a customer service department. The M118's original design didn't call for any steel back when it was introduced in 1964 – it was 90 percent copper, 10 percent zinc. We strongly suspect this modern round's bullet is non-magnetic too, but we'd never make a promise we're uncertain of. We wish we could be of greater asssitance!

Posted On: 10/17/2014 By: Charles

A: Hello Charles, The Lake City Long Range and Match brass does not use a crimped primer in their rounds.

Posted On: 9/30/2014 By: Alex

A: The Ballistic Coefficient will change depending on the muzzle velocity the round achieves. A BC of .505 @ 2800 fps and above, a BC of .496 between 2800 and 1800 fps, and a BC of .485 @ 1800 fps and below

Posted On: 9/22/2013 By: Jeff

A: Hey Jeff, you should be good to go with 7.62x51mm in your Sig Sauer 716. This, like most Federal FMJ ammo, is a great choice if you're looking for a top of the line range round. Thanks for the questions and have fun at the range!

Posted On: 3/14/2013 By: Jay83

A: This Lake City 7.62x51mm (308 Win) ammunition is loaded with non corrosive components. The brass is boxer primed which may be saved for the reloading process.

Posted On: 2/1/2013 By: chris

A: This Federal 7.62x51 ammo will work well in your rifle chambered for either 308 or 7.62x51. Since this ammo is usually loaded to a lower pressure than 308, it will safely fire in a 308 rifle. This is similar to the 223/5.56 relationship. Additionally, it is best to avoid shooting 308 ammo in a rifle designated for 7.62x51.

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