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1000 Rounds of .45 ACP Ammo by MBI - 230gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 100 rounds per pack; 10 packs per case

Ammo Manufacturer - Military Ballistics Industries

Bullets - 230 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)

Ammo Casings - once-fired boxer-primed brass


1000 Rounds of .45 ACP Ammo by MBI - 230gr FMJ

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Customer Reviews

.45 acp Review
Review by Dave
Ammo Performance
I have shoot apprx 500 rnds thru my new Sig 1911 Carry Nitron and I had one bullet that was a dud. This is a fairly decent ammo at a very reasonable price (Posted on 10/13/14)
Awful ammo, every third shot is a dud. Dirty as well.
Review by Glockguy
Ammo Performance
Horrible ammo. I have a gen 4 glock 21. It is fairly new and has never had any issues, such as failure to feed, failure to fire, or failure to ejects. Once I started shooting this ammo, everything changed. It was literally either every other or every third shot was a dud. The primer was punched on all of the bullets, but just did not fire. I also had a handful of stovepipe failure to ejects. On top of that, it's dirty. My streamlight was black after 50 rounds. Buyer beware. (Posted on 6/19/14)
they go bang............
Review by JackSheet
Ammo Performance
They go bang and some of my money is left after. SOOOO for bulk ammo it really gets it done with style. Great buy will get more soon. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Great deal for plinking
Review by Firepig
Ammo Performance
Good Ammo. A bit dirty but nothing to be concerned about. Had no misfires through 2000 rounds. Not the MOST accurate out there but probably has to do with different brass in the mix. Nothing wrong with it for the weekend shooter or just someone who wants to put a little lead downrange. And price is great! (Posted on 1/17/12)
Good ammo, a little on the dirty side
Review by MNJ
Ammo Performance
Shot about 1000 rounds through my Glock 21 with only two rounds giving me an issue, one would not chamber and the other was a dud. The failure to chamber was most likely due to the fact i put about 250 rounds through it that day and this ammo is very dirty, so it was most likely due to that. Otherwise it was great practice ammo, great buy if you just want to fire some rounds through, have some fun or take people out who just want to try shooting a gun. Again only downside is it took me almost twice as long to clean my gun. (Posted on 9/23/11)
Watch the sizing!!!
Review by Midevil
Ammo Performance
Fired over 400rds so far thru my Colt 1911. Not the most accurate and no, its not the weapon as it IS VERY accurate. Might be the Colt doesn't care for it. Also a little disappointed, had 3rds fail to chamber due to being oversized! All three were from the same lot/bag....quality control??? Last three bags I have not had that issue so for the other 6 bags, if I don't experience oversizing again, I may buy again. Its good plinking ammo but for quick-reaction drills, double-tabs etc the accuracy is just not there for a good score. (Posted on 6/9/11)

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Product Question and Answer

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Q: How does the consistency of these rounds compare to others? I'd imagine since they're reloaded in different casings, there would be a larger spread with these guys.

Posted On: 10/19/11 By: Jon

A: While cases do have a small effect on consistency, the powder charges in this ammo are very consistent, and this has a much larger effect on how accurate ammo is.
Q: I often reloaded and I am wondering is the primers used on this ammo the standard "large" or is it a mix of large & small primers?

Posted On: 10/16/11 By: Brad M

A: This is large primer brass. We have small primer 45ACP brass that is sold separately for a lower price.
Q: What are the benefits and the drawbacks with re-manufactured ammo vs new?

Posted On: 9/28/11 By: Masher

A: The benefit of remanufactured ammo is that you receive more ammo for your dollar. And we stand behind the ammo we sell. The drawbacks are that you don't buy big-name, factory ammo that might be a little more accurate or reliable.
Q: I noticed that the Overview says these are brass casings, but the pictures shows either aluminum or nickle-plated casings. Are these solid brass or a combination? Thank you.

Posted On: 9/27/11 By: Trey

A: These MBI cartridges are loaded with mixed brass, which might include standard brass as well as nickel-plated cases.