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250 Rounds Loose packed of 5.56x45 Ammo by Lake City - 62gr FMJ XM855

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 250 rounds loose packed
Manufacturer - Lake City
Bullets - 62 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) XM855 steel tip
Casings - Boxer-primed brass


These is the popular XM855 green-tipped 5.56 NATO ammo known as Penetrator rounds. They’re sometimes mistakenly referred to as armor-piercing rounds, but although they aren’t armor-piercing rounds they’re still pretty powerful. These rounds have a steel core and are strong enough to punch through steel plates. They’re rated in the military for use against troops and light vehicles, which gives you an idea what they’re capable of doing. If you’ve never tried XM855 rounds in your 5.56-chambered rifle, it might be time to give it a try. These are fun rounds; you’ll enjoy each and every squeeze of the trigger.

At 62 grain these are the standard weight for XM855 rounds, which also makes them lightweight by 5.56 standards. At this weight these rounds can zip to your target with fantastic speed, and you know they’re going to make impact with enormous force. These are FMJ rounds and therefore will not expand on impact. Just remember, rifle rounds can travel literally for miles before coming to a stop, so have a good backstop in place for safety’s sake. Each of these rounds leaves your gun with a muzzle velocity of 3020 feet per second and hits home with a muzzle energy of 1256 foot-pounds. These are powerful target rounds and can be used for shooting drills and plinking.

There are 250 rounds in this box of ammunition from Lake City. With 250 rounds you can spend a nice, long afternoon with your rifle – that or you can buy more than one box and spend several nice afternoons with your rifle (there’s no such thing as too much ammo). You could use these rounds on a variety of stationary targets to test its penetration capabilities or use it to work on your shot placement and grouping. This ammunition is manufactured by Lake City in Independence, Missouri, and loaded to SAAMI specifications. Don’t you want to load your gun with Penetrator rounds? Order now and find out what your gun can really do.

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Posted On: 8/18/12 By: Jay

A: Yes. This Lake City ammo is loaded to meet the NATO specifications which will be indicated on the head stamp of the brass. The bullets used are M855/SS109. The brass is boxer primed and may be used for reloading.

Posted On: 8/6/12 By: Pablo

A: This ammo is an original factory load. The brass may appear dirty or tarnished from the annealing process; a heat treating process to condition the brass for loading. While all manufacturers complete this process, some will polish the brass to cover this process up to make the ammo more appealing.

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