250 Rounds of 12ga Low Recoil Ammo by Rio - 00 Buck

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Quantity - 250 rounds (5 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case)
Manufacturer - Rio
Load - 2-3/4" 00 Buckshot (9 pellets)


Whether you are looking for ammo for self-defense, hunting, or just range training, Rio has created a great product for you. Each shell in this case of 250 fires 9 pellets of 00 buckshot. This is a Low Recoil load, and as a result has muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second compared to Rio's standard 00 buckshot which has muzzle velocity of 1345 feet per second. This lower velocity results in reduced recoil which really makes this load shine for self-defense purposes.

Historically Rio manufactured all of its ammo in Spain, but in 2015 they opened a plant in Marshall, Texas and now manufacture some of their ammunition there. Rio is one of the few manufacturers of ammunition that manufactures all of the main raw materials used in their ammunition. Rio manufactures the cases, primers, powder, wads, and shot in order to keep a tight control on quality.

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Posted On: 1/16/2022 By: Paul Bui

A: Thanks for reaching out Paul! Unfortunately the 1301 manual doesn't shed light on the matter. I can't in good confidence recommend low-recoil ammo for a semi-auto shotgun. There is a possibility that this ammo will generate insufficient pressure to fully cycle your shotgun.

Posted On: 10/6/2021 By: Harold

A: Thanks for reaching out Harold! It may – but it may not. As a general rule I advise against firing low-recoil shells in any semi-auto, because they may not generate adequate chamber pressure to fully cycle the plarform. But the M1 does often run low-recoil ammo just fine. An M1 that has been properly broken in (after firing about 500 to 1,000 rounds) does has a better chance of cycling low-recoil loads. That said, I just can't give you a confident guarantee that this ammo's going to give you the performance you want. I'd more confidently recommend some of the other full-recoil double-aught loads we currently have in stock!

Posted On: 4/9/2015 By: Marine6

A: Hello! Unfortunately most manufacturers no longer list the dram as a type of measurement for the shell. Most manufacturers will simply use the shot weight and the velocity. The velocity of this ammunition is 1345 fps. Thank you, Joe

Posted On: 1/25/2013 By: Josh

A: Rio's 00 Buckshot is loaded with a lead shot. All components loaded in this round are non corrosive. This round will work for 12Ga shotgun chokes of any size.

Posted On: 10/22/2011 By: Craig

A: Yes. One thing to note is that the Rio Royal primer pockets are approximately 2 thousandths of an inch larger than American standard primer pockets. American primers will be a little large, but the Rio-manufactured primers will work quite well.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Kevin Sona

A: Either one is a good choice for home defense, with the low recoil loads being easier to control. However, both will penetrate multiple interior walls if they do not first hit the body of a bad guy. Shot placement is paramount in a home defense situation.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Kevin Sona

A: This ammo is low recoil because it is loaded to lower velocities and/or has lower projectile mass. It will still penetrate multiple interior walls, but less so than the standard Rio Royal 00 buck ammo.

Posted On: 10/18/2011 By: Jason

A: Gas-operated shotguns are a little more forgiving when it comes to low recoil loads than recoil-operated shotguns, but you might want to try a smaller amount before buying this 12ga ammo in bulk.

Posted On: 10/18/2011 By: David Placek

A: 12 Gauge 00 Buckshot is one of the best loads for home defense. Slugs may also be appropriate, depending on your living situation and home construction.

Posted On: 10/11/2011 By: jayson

A: There are different lengths of 12ga cases. Your Mossberg most likely has a 3" chamber, meaning that it can fire 2 3/4" and 3" shells. There are also 3 1/2" chambers and shells, and it is also possible to find 2 3/4" only guns. However, 2 3/4" will work in all pump action 12ga shotguns with at least a 2 3/4" chamber.

Posted On: 10/10/2011 By: Jay

A: If you are properly storing your rifle and pistol ammo (in a cool, dry place), you can keep this shotgun ammo in the same location and expect good long-term storage properties.

Posted On: 10/9/2011 By: david

A: Low recoil ammo is manufactured by either reducing the mass or velocity of the projectile(s) - or both. Different methods are used by different manufacturers.

Posted On: 10/7/2011 By: Bud

A: This Rio Royal ammunition will function when fired through a rifled barrel, but all types of buckshot will have extremely large patterns when fired from such barrels.

Posted On: 9/27/2011 By: Anonymous

A: Even in a low recoil load, the terminal performance of 12ga 00 buck shot is devastating and overwhelming.

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