50 Rounds of .45 GAP Ammo by Speer Gold Dot - 200gr JHP

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 50 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer - Speer Gold Dot
Bullets - 200 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP)
Ammo Casings - Nickel-plated boxer primed brass


Speer Gold Dot is considered the gold standard ammunition by many law enforcement professionals in their line work. Speer’s Uni-Cor method electrochemically bonds the bullet’s uniform jacket to its alloyed lead core one molecule at a time, virtually eliminating separation within the target for optimal damage potential.

This 45 GAP cartridge by Speer features a 200 grain jacketed hollow point bullet. It sports a nickel plated casing which both promotes reliable feeding and extraction as well as resistance to corrosion. This round is loaded with a select, clean burning propellant that delivers a consistent muzzle velocity of 950 fps, and has a non-corrosive CCI Boxer primer that provides highly sensitive and reliable performance.

If you’re a member of the New York State Police, South Carolina Highway Patrol, or Florida Highway Patrol, then you’re already familiar with the 45 GAP’s superior performance. If you aren’t, then you’ll certainly value the compact handguns this round chambers in as well as its strong case head that helps to prevent blowouts.

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Posted On: 6/15/2022 By: Richard Knight

A: Thanks for reaching out Richard! This ammo will work in any Glock so long as that handgun is chambered for 45 GAP. Forgive me if you already know this, but 45 GAP is not compatible with 45 ACP firearms.

Posted On: 7/13/2021 By: Melvin

A: Thanks for reaching out Melvin! The 45 GAP is a pretty unusual cartridge – Glock developed it as an improvement over the 45 ACP, but it never achieved mainstream success. It won't work in a Judge, and neither will 45 ACP. You want 410 Bore shotshells or 45 Long Colt (aka 45 Colt, or 45 LC) ammunition. I'm afraid we havent got 45 Long Colt in stock right now, but we have got 410 Bore rifled slugs that will work in your revolver:


Posted On: 2/27/2019 By: Chris Elder

A: Hi Chris. That ammo should never be used in any firearm chambered for .45ACP. This is the GLOCK round created to fit a specific pistol. Fortunately, the ACP ammo is much easier found and generally less expensive for the shooters!

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