400 Rounds of 7.62x54r Ammo by Sellier & Bellot - 180gr FMJ

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Ammo Overview

Ammo Quantity - 20 rounds per box; 20 boxes per case
Ammo Manufacturer - Sellier & Bellot
Bullets - 180 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings - Boxer Primed Brass


This is a nearly perfect donor cartridge for the 7.62x54R hand loader/hunter. Not because the cartridge isn’t great in its own right (it certainly is), but because it offers such a good piece of brass and such a good value since the ballistics are excellent and the performance is top tier, plus you get to keep that premium brass after you shoot with it. It’s a very accurate FMJ cartridge – after all, the round was built to have inherently good accuracy and has top quality ballistics for longer range endeavors. It is still used in some countries as a light anti materiel and long range precision sniper cartridge. This load is fully capable of handling big game up to and including hogs, deer, elk and moose under the right conditions, even with the FMJ projectile.

The projectile is a copper alloy jacketed 180 grain Full Metal Jacket bullet that is suitable for large game hunting in most jurisdictions in the U.S.A. (you should check your local and state laws to ensure this is suitable in your area before using for that purpose).

This is a 400 round case lot and the reloadable case and the ballistics that have made this round a mainstay for more than 100 years makes this loadout a very compelling buy given the competitive pricing.

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Posted On: 10/19/2011 By: Ian

A: Ballistics for Sellier & Bellot 7.62x54R 180gr FMJ:
Muzzle velocity 2578 fps
100 meter velocity 2378 fps
200 meter velocity 2194 fps
300 meter velocity 2024 fps
Muzzle energy 2665 ft-lbs
100 meter energy 2268 ft-lbs
200 meter energy 1929 ft-lbs
300 meter energy 1641 ft-lbs
100 meter trajectory 0 inches (zeroed)
200 meter trajectory -5.3 inches
300 meter trajectory -19.4 inches

Posted On: 7/14/2011 By: Bill

A: Sellier & Bellot's 7.62x54r 180 gr FMJ ammo is magnetic due to its bi-metal jacketed projectile (instead of solely copper jacketed) which makes this round more economical. Certain ranges have non-magnetic requirements so it's usually best to check with your range first prior to purchasing magnetic ammunition. On certain rifle loads, S&B uses a bi-metal material in the jacket which consists of copper and iron rolled together to save on cost. This ammo features brass casings.

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