20 Rounds of 8x57mm JRS Mauser Ammo by Sellier & Bellot - 196gr SPCE

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Ammo Overview

Quantity - 20 rounds
Manufacturer - Sellier & Bellot
Bullets - 196 grain Soft Point Cutting Edge(SPCE)
Casings - Boxer-primed Brass


Looking for a premium ammo for your 8mm Mauser for hunting or precision work? This is among the better choices available on the market. The quality of manufacture for rounds like this 8x57mm from Sellier and Bellot is essentially unmatched and represents a market segment that they have been dominant in for a very long time. Sellier & Bellot is a high quality manufacturer based in the Czech Republic and has been producing military and law enforcement ammunition since 1825. Their philosophy about keeping the highest standards alive for antiquated military rounds has led to some innovation in those different calibers and they have determined a sweet spot for some of the forgotten cartridges of the world.

This 8x57mm (the 8mm Mauser as it is known to most shooters) in a 196 grain soft point Cutting Edge round is no exception to this rule. The “Cutting Edge” bullet is actually more than a moniker and marketing pitch, as it works like a bonded core bullet in component retention, but also works like the newer polymer tipped engineered bullets that are all the rage because they produce consistent deformation.

The factory protocols and quality control makes this about as accurate and effective an 8mm Mauser round as you will find and it is safe to use in all 8x57 firearms.

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You're reviewing: 20 Rounds of 8x57mm JRS Mauser Ammo by Sellier & Bellot - 196gr SPCE

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Posted On: 9/15/2020 By: Martin Zielke

A: Hello Martin! 7.92x57 Mauser and 8x57mm are the same cartridge, so you're in luck there. Now, I know that the ammo Germany adopted for the G43 in 1933 was called the s.S. Patrone. It had a 197.5 grain bullet and was loaded to a muzzle velocity of 2,493 fps. This modern round's bullet is almost the same weight, and its 2,382 fps muzzle velocity suggests it's loaded to nearly the same pressure as well. People often recommend Prvi Partizan's 196 grain load for the G43, which has a muzzle velocity of 2,395 fps.That's pretty much apples to apples compared to Sellier & Bellot's load right here. So, without making guarantees that I shouldn't without actually seeing your rifle, I'd venture this ammo would make a pretty safe buy for your G43. I hope this helps!

Posted On: 10/20/2011 By: Mike

A: Ballistics for Sellier & Bellot 8x57 JRS Mauser 196gr SPCE:
Muzzle velocity 2381 fps
100 meter velocity 2050 fps
200 meter velocity 1761 fps
300 meter velocity 1515 fps
Muzzle energy 2468 ft-lbs
100 meter energy 1827 ft-lbs
200 meter energy 1352 ft-lbs
300 meter energy 1000 ft-lbs
100 meter trajectory 0 inches (zeroed)
200 meter trajectory -7.9 inches
300 meter trajectory -29.4 inches

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