1000 Rounds of 9mm Ammo by CCI - 124gr FMJ

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Quantity - 50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case
Manufacturer - CCI (Blazer brand)
Bullets - 124 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Casings - Berdan-primed aluminum


This is a 1000 round case lot of the very reliable and easy to love 9mm CCI Blazer round in an aluminum casing with a 124 grain conical projectile with a full metal jacket. This is a premium load for those who want range practice but do not desire to shoot expensive ammunition. This ammunition is not expensive. It’s among the least expensive rounds on the market, actually. CCI Blazer has been doing this for decades and it’s been very well received because it saves your back by letting you leave the spent casings on the ground. It shoots well in most mainstream firearms and it’s an easy to understand ammunition.

A simple, reliable cartridge is what is delivered by the Blazer line. The Berdan primed aluminum case has the integrity for the hottest loadouts, but should not be reloaded, and so the price reflects that important factor. It’s a throwaway casing and it makes sense to do so at this price point. The 124 grain 9mm load offers the following ballistics by the numbers: 1090 feet per second of velocity out of the muzzle and 327 ft. lbs. of energy out of the bore.

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Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Bryan

A: In 9mm, a jacketed hollow point that expands, retains weight, and achieves adequate penetration is a good choice for self defense. Beyond that, practicing and maintaining your skills with your chosen handgun and ammo combination is very important.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Bryan

A: "Better" is largely subjective. Exceptions are that the heavier bullets offer greater penetration, and may recoil less than lighter bullets loaded to higher velocities.

Posted On: 10/21/2011 By: Jeff

A: No, this ammo is safe to use in any serviceable firearm chambered for 9mm.

Posted On: 9/28/2011 By: Raymond Butler

A: What you're probably looking for is called an ammo can, or a military surplus ammo can. We don't sell them individually, but they are widely available for a very reasonable price.

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