1 Brand New Mil-Spec .50 Cal M2A1 Green Ammo Can

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Quantity - 1 Brand New Green Ammo Can
Caliber - 50 Cal M2A1
Dimensions - 11" Long x 5 1/2" Wide x 7" High
Made in China


This brand new mil-spec ammo can is designed to contain 50 Cal rounds for the M2A1. Even if you don’t own an 84 pound heavy machine gun that can fire 600 rounds per minute (consider getting one -- such a firearm is very effective at hunting hundreds of deer at once), you’ll still find this ammo can very handy: It will also hold 3,500 22 LR, 1,000 9mm, or 700 223 Rem rounds with ease.

This can is made of tough steel, and is green like so many mil-spec things tend to be. It sports a metal carry handle, which we have ascertained can withstand carrying even the heaviest of loads, and its hinge is well-made and ready to do its job repeatedly without failing. This can’s latch seals its lid tightly, so you needn’t worry about moisture or dust contaminating your valuable ammo while you’re storing it long-term or transporting it through the rugged wilderness. A great ammo can like this one is a must for any shooting enthusiast, and you simply can never have too many!

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Posted On: 1/9/2018 By: Terry

A: These cans are brand new production and have not been changed in any way. They will seal shut water and air tight but are not lockable without additional modification.

Posted On: 11/20/2014 By: Jack

A: Hello Jack, The dimensions of a standard .50 cal ammo can are 11x5.5x7

Posted On: 10/13/2013 By: sham-man

A: This will depend on the packaging material used by the manufacturer of the ammo. For example, fitting boxes of 25 rounds of 410 will arrange differently than boxes of 5. Two of these M2A1 military ammo cans should comfortably fit a majority of 1,000 rounds of 410 gauge shotgun ammunition. Without any packaging material, one ammo can should handle 1,000 rounds of 30-30 rifle ammo. With packaging used, a second box will be needed. Between these 2,000 rounds, I would plan on at least 5 cans to be safe. The majority of the space requirements will be with the packaging material on the 30-30 rounds. One contrasting example I can think of with 9mm, which you may have experienced, is Sellier & Bellot boxes vs. Remington or PMC boxes. You can easily fit 1,000 rounds of S&B in there, possibly closer to 1,500 rounds, whereas larger boxes will need to be strategically placed to fit the full 1,000 rounds.

Posted On: 5/30/2013 By: Michael Cooney

A: These Military grade ammo cans do include a moisture seal that will keep water and moisture out. In theory, you should be able to store your ammo in these cans underwater, though we would not recommend this practice. While most used ammo cans found in surplus stores will have a dried or worn seal, the rubber seals in the lids of this can is factory new. This will ensure a proper water tite fit when closed.

Posted On: 4/3/2013 By: Nick

A: These ammo cans are metal to meet the military specifications for the M2A1 ammo can. Since the ammo cans are new, there is no need to worry about corrosion, rust, or dry lid gaskets which are commonly found on used military surplus ammo cans.

Posted On: 3/22/2013 By: Joe

A: Two (2) of these M2A1 ammo cans should comfortably fit 1800 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo. Different ammo manufacturers design their cartons and packaging different, so results may vary. For example, Sellier & Bellot among other brands who use plastic posts between rounds will be held in a much smaller box than the popular Remington UMC 50 round foam tray. Either way, both should fit in 2 cans, though the space left may vary from one brand of ammo to another. I usually find myself playing a game of Tetris over and over again with different calibers and brands to maximize space when trying to fit ammo into cans, until I go for another ammo can to fit everything I need.

Posted On: 3/3/2013 By: Edward

A: Two ammo cans would comfortably hold 1,000 rounds of 5.56x45 ammo. Each can should hold just over 700 rounds each if fitted correctly. To make the most of the space, I would consider lining the bottom of each can with boxes of 5.56 or a different caliber, then fill the rest with half (500 rds) of the loose 5.56 ammo.

Posted On: 11/26/2012 By: Eric

A: These are made in the USA. You will receive the same high quality materials, including the reliable rubber seal, as you would find on any US military ammo cans. Having a new ammo can means you wont have to worry about dry seals, broken hinges, or rust deposits sometimes found on old military surplus ammo cans.

Posted On: 9/30/2012 By: Dan

A: The approximate outside dimensions are 12" in length, 6" in width and 7.5" tall. Depending on manufacturer ammo box sizes, this will comfortably hold 1,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The rubber seal on these cans provide an excellent moisture barrier between your ammo and the elements outside of the can.

Posted On: 9/7/2012 By: TupeloJim

A: The term "mil-spec" as used in this industry typically means that the product in question has been designed, manufactured, and inspected as required to meet the standards necessary to sell the product to the U.S. military. In short, it means the product is top-notch. I say "typically" because some retailers like to throw the term around haphazardly even when their product has not been designed, manufactured, or inspected by a military approved inspector. Attaining true "mil-spec" status is not easy or cheap as it involves tight tolerances, attention to detail, and the presence of an inspector whose sole job is to inspect the production and packaging of products for the U.S. military. These M2A1 cans are true "mil-spec" and come from the largest manufacturer of ammo cans in the U.S. These cans come off the same production line and are inspected by the same authorities that oversee the production and sale of M2A1 cans to the U.S. military. They are the real deal.

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